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Poll on Scotland

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For the purposes of this thread, its a simple yes/no poll, if you vote, your voting as a Scottish person living in the German protectorate of Scotland. The poll will run for three days, you must have a nation in CNRP to have your votes counted as valid.

Poll will close at 3pm GMT on the 20th of September.

All votes are considered the In Character action with this thread.

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"Ach! I think that we shood join in with the Anglish in the Sooth. Somebody needs to teach them to wear proper kilts and make haggis just like ma mum used to make. Just think how much we can teach them when they show up for the Highland Games and hear some proper bagpipe music!"

-Angus MacDuncan MacDoogal MacDonald, Head of the Union of Scottish Stereotypes-Edinburgh Chapter

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The results of the poll were documented and copies were made and placed in the Governments hands. The originals were locked up in the national archives. Out of the copies made, one was sent to the Reichkanzlers office in Berlin for a decision to be made.


Poll is closed

13 yes
12 no

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The election results, that were recieved by The Office of the Reich Chancellery, was promptly sent to Jorhan Stahl's desk. Of course, he had decided long ago that he didn't want to deal with the situation any longer, as dealing with the current British government was like dealing with a bunch of spoiled, entitled children. Instead, he forwarded the document back to Reich Minister und Chief of the Reich Chancellery Kurt Von Strohm, who handled the official response.

[quote]Concerning the Scottish Question,

We have received the official results from the Scottish Plebiscite. While some might look at the current results as a general consensus for merger, We do not. Fifty percent wants to merge; while, the other fifty percent would like to remain independent. As the current caretaker of the Scottish state, We feel that if we allow the merger to move forward; we could risk a possible disturbance or even civil war in the region. As a friend of the Scottish people, we can't allow that to happen.

As Reichskanzler Jorhan Stahl is busy attending to official state business, all further communications regarding Scotland are to be sent directly to my office or the Reich Minister of European Affairs.

Reich Minister und Chief of the Reich Chancellery
Kurt Von Strohm[/quote]

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