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Hellas DOE

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Hellas Alliance was founded on the principles of freedom, independence, mutual self respect, and for the common defense of all member nations.

[b]Round 23 Government[/b]

Imperator: Alexandros o Megas of Hellas

Praetor: Caseyr86 of NeSiRsItSiRhC

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Caseyr86 of NeSiRsItSiRhC
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Alessandro of Wasso

Minister of Defense: Finnandjake of Adventuretime
Deputy Minister of Defense: WildChild of Chaos

Minister of Internal Affairs: Alessandro of Wasso

Magistratus Extraordinarii: Eljierro

The Bomb Man: Bombuator of Bomb Nation

IRC: #Hellas
Forum: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Hellas_TE/index.php?act=idx
Alliance Color: Aqua

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/o Hellas

Wishing a happy, funny, successful Round 23 to all Hellenes and other alliances as well.

Edited by Alexandros o Megas
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[quote name='Tevron' timestamp='1347858222' post='3031013']
Nice to see Casey as Praetor again :)
We kept him safe for you guys :D

Thanks a lot! He is a valuable member of Hellas and now we go on with full power again!

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[quote name='Kurdanak' timestamp='1347862507' post='3031025']
May your round be successful and full of casualties! o7

Thank you! You are welcome! :)

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