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A Colombian Celebration


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Colombian diplomatic couriers worldwide would begin to deliver of a diplomatic dispatch amongst the Offices of the Heads of State for various nations, the letter would read as follows;


[b]International Dispatch by the Government of the Republic of Greater Colombia[/b][/center]


It gives the Foreign Ministry of Greater Colombia the distinct pleasure to send this message to your office, extending an official invitation to the marriage of President Ignacio de Ardanza to his fiance, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Elena Lopez Vasquez. The ceremony for the couples' wedding will take place at the Bogota Cathedral, with a grand reception to follow at the Narino Palace. Your presence would greatly be appreciated by the President, his future wife, and the government and citizenry of Greater Colombia. We ask that any international wedding delegations limit their numbers, and dictate to us before their arrival of how many individuals intend to attend the marriage ceremony.

We look forward to meeting with all who come, and providing a special occasion that can also serve as a venue for interaction across the cultures of the world. We'll see you in Bogota!


Lorenzo Barrachos[/i]
[b]Foreign Minister of the Republic of Greater Colombia[/b][/quote]

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Triumvir Gildas would be happy to attend this joyous event, along with Rodolfo Avila.

Currently the vesari are in the midst of changing the guard in terms of their own Triumvirate. Therefore, newly elected Triumvir Raziya will not be in attendance. Nor will former Triumvir Alesteir Evylan, who is aiding the transition. However, Triumvir Vivian Androcles, of the first Triumvirate of Edean, has expressed that he would be happy to attend in Raziya's place, if that would be of interest to you.

After his term as a Triumvir, he settled down with one Elina Androcles and has two cubs of his own.

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The Chancellery of Cyrantia would be overjoyed to be a part of such a happy event staged by our Colombian allies. On behalf of our nation, our High Chancellor of Internal Affairs, Maksim Bazhenov, will attend. He will fly unaccompanied, so furnishings for one are all that will be necessary.

-Sergei Aleksandrov
Grand Chancellor of the State

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Upon receiving the letter the king would smile and alert his family to pack and get ready.

[u][b]Public reply from the desk of His Majesty King Adama[/b][/u]

The royal family will certainly attend this great occasion, Kind Will, Queen Roslin, Prince Lee, and Princess Thrace along with some of the royal guard will attend. Hopefully this is not overwhelming to the guest list. But it is of course the only way the royal family travels.[/center][/quote]

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