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Democratic People's Republic of Chilu Posters [Propagandas]

Kim Yun San

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**Many posters were made to make DPRC a stronger nations, posters to make the people love the nation and fight for it therefor like its father nation they did the same process.

Ground Forces recruitment poster: ((Click for Full Resolution))
This poster says "Join the Ground Forces and fight of the remaining western dogs!"
[Copyright: This poster is not made by me but by user in deviantart however I have edited the poster in color and text, here is his original work [url="http://trump.deviantart.com/art/Propaganda-10555770?q=boost%3Apopular%20North%20korea%20propaganda&qo=6"]DeviantArt[/url]

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[quote name='Isaac MatthewII' timestamp='1347584713' post='3029883']
OOC:Is this public? If so then ok, if not ignore it.


"Who are these western dogs you speak of? I like my chihuahua." -His Majesty King of Brazil

((Well as to make it realistic no it wouldn't be public so I won't be bombarded with nukes xD, let's say its a rumor from tourists and its spreading across the "Anti-Communist" societies, I am ready for some roleplay that this is made by western aggression!
As well little hint hint Avatar|Poster))

P.S. I use (( )) for shorter of "OOC"

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