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DPRC looking for alliance.

Kim Yun San

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Hello fellow leader's of the alliances, I'm the Supreme President of the Democratic People's Republic of Chilu, I am writing here as I am looking up for a alliance for my nation! I am looking for a alliance that helps and provide aid for new members and will support them if needed. My nation is new and it needs trade support and financial support as well to move on to the top and become a great nation to its people.[/quote]

[ So as the quote say I am looking for a alliance to join, I am new in Cybernations however I love to roleplay thats why I did that quote :P, I do not know what alliance is good and there is a lot of them + I did not get much of "spam" in my PM in the game as some people say they do about the alliances :P
Thank you and I hope there will be a nice alliance that likes to RP as well! ]

P.S. Sorry if this is a wrong section.

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Hey buddy we have some long running RP sections of our forums you'd probably love, you dont even need to be a NPL member to participate, just register here www.npl-alliance.net and request either a visitor mask or full member mask if you want to actually join the Nuclear Proliferation League.

Good luck on the search!



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