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Democratic People's Republic of Chilu DoE

Kim Yun San

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Today September 13th 2012, Democratic People's Republic of Chilu has became recognized and supported by multiple fellow communist countries,DPRC is located in the East Chinese Sea, very close to their Supreme Father which rules United Korean Supreme Republic.

The history of Democratic People's Republic of Chilu [pronounced "Chia-lou"] dates back to the Joseon Dynasty when the power of the great Korea was spreading across the Asia when the Korea has taken over the Formosa island in the Korean-Chinese war 1836 from China, the leadership was changing a lot in time, in World War 1 it was taken over by China and then in World War 2 it was taken over by Japan as its colony but at the end of World War 2 it was given back to Korea until Korean War the Island was doing good however they viewed them selfs as "self governing state".

Cold war and Korea has been divided into North and South however Formosa Island was fought to understand who gets it until the Governor along side with Russia has decided it would be the best if the Formosa Island was a peaceful self governing country and so it got the support from Russia, Vietnam, North Korea and half by China as they viewed it as their land.
The new born country needed a name therefor Myeong Sun the first Supreme President had to give it a name as It never had one, and so it was called "Democratic People's Repubic of Chilu" a son of the father nation "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" DPRC was always on the communist side, it began one they knew that the DPRK was the true Korea and always hated the West involving into everything.

Korean war started, DPRC was a weak nation as it struggled due the Cold War with economics as the tension rises however the first Ground Forces has been send to help out the North Korea with the assault on South and the Americans, with help of China the relations between DPRC and China has improved, economic trades has been discussed and DPRC was growing slowly.
After the Korean War 1954 Democratic People's Republic of Chilu shut its door to public but only to its fellow Communist states and have been working hard to improve its nation.

2011 Myeong Sun died from illness just in the same date year as Kim Jong-il the Supreme Father.
The nation's power has been transformed to his son Kim Yun San.

[b]Capitol City:[/b]
English: Nahasi

기노 완시 - Gino Wansi
이시가키시 - Isigakisi
이토 만시 - Ito mansi
미야 코지마시 - Miya Kojima Si
나고시 - Nagosi
난 죠시 - Nan Jyosi
오키나와시 - Okinawasi
見城시 - Gyeonseongs
우라 소에시 - Ula So-Esi
우루 마시 - Ulu Masi
타운 - Lukang
And many more.



[b]Life expectancy:[/b]
70 (men) 72 (women)

Fur & Rubber

Democratic People's Republic of Chilu has active: Land Forces, Navy and Air Force

[b]Chilu's Ground Forces Flag:[/b][img]http://s8.postimage.org/ling29lol/DPRC.png[/img]
[b]Chilu's Naval Forces: Flag:[/b] [img]http://s8.postimage.org/jpkjdy0hx/DPRC_Navy.png[/img]

States of Unified Nations

Currently none, DPRC only makes embassies and alliances with socialist or communist countries.

[b]Flag Definition:[/b]
The two bars of in red represents bloody wars of Korea, blue represents the blue sea and the red star represent the youth, the military, the industrial labourers, the agricultural workers or peasantry, and the intelligentsia.

[b]Worker's Party Flag:[/b]

Supreme President: Kim Yun San
Chairman of the General Assembly: Choe Yong Pan
Premier: Dae-Ho Choi

[b]Nation Link:[/b]
[url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=507655"]Democratic People's Republic of Chilu[/url]

OFFTOPIC: I will be editing this mostly daily I would like to firstly apologize for a weird history if it so, first time doing such a thing so it is kind of hard however thank you for visiting and I hope we could do some "RP" one day perhaps?
As well if you have any suggestions for my nations like a better color for a flag please let me know!

Edited by Kim Yun San
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