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Minor BFF Announcement

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[/center][center]Hey there. So over the last week and a half, BFF has made some changes to the way we do things. We also had an election, so that was fun. Anyway, keep your eyes open for some pretty cool stuff from us in the coming weeks. Also, Polaris, we're gonna steal your sanction spot. No tag-backs, k? k.[/center][center]
[/center][center][b]September 2012 General Alliance Vote Results:[/b][/center][center][b]
[/b][/center][center][b]Amendment II:[/b][/center][center][center]3.1.1) Upon retiring from government, a member will be masked as Elder. Elders are also older, experienced members from past alliances. The Elders have a special placement within the alliance is a mark of respect, and further a signal of who to look up to for newer members. Treat their words as gold. Further, Elders will be allocated a special section within the forums in which they may serve as advisors to current government. While this position holds no governmental powers, it is a hidden area for current government to ask more experienced members questions, bounce ideas around, etc.[/center][center]
[/center][center] Elders may lack governmental powers, but they do act as a check and balance to the current government in the following ways:[/center][center]
[/center][center] If the Elders wish to dissent from an EA+NC decision listed below, they must form a group of at least 5 sponsors that will put the issue up to a vote for 48 hours. At least 20 elders must vote in the poll and it must pass with 75% in favor of rescinding the action that the EA+NC agreed upon, otherwise the action continues unabated.[/center][center]
[/center][center] There shall be at least a 24 hour window for the Elders to vote against the action in question with regards to signing treaties or going to war[/center][center]
[/center][center] There shall be no ability to restrict the EA+NC from cancelling a treaty or stripping an EA member of his position[/center][center]
[/center][center] If the action already has occurred (such as a declaration of war or a treaty announcement after the 24 hour period), than the Elders may voice their displeasure but may not overturn the action[/center][center]
[/center][center] The Elder's action is binding and may not be overturned by the NC, but the NC+EA may reattempt the action after 30 days have passed[/center][center]
[/center][/center][center][font="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"] [/font][/center][center][b]Election Results for Neapolitan Council Chair serving September 2012-December 2012:[/b][/center][center][b]
[/b][/center][center][i]Outgoing: [/i]Wolfprince[/center][center][i]Incoming: [/i]TheDon125[/center][center]
[/center][center]To recap, the current BFF government lineup is as follows:[/center][center]
[/center][center][b][u]Neapolitan Council:[/u][/b][/center][center]Turetel -- [i]The Peacekeeper [/i][/center][center]Ernesto Che Guevara -- [i]Certifiably Insane [/i][/center][center]TheDon125 -- [i]Patron Saint of Spreadsheets [/i][/center][center][i]
[/i][/center][center][b][u]The Elite Assembly:[/u][/b][/center][center]Johnap88 -- [i]Director of Defense[/i][/center][center][i](Canik stepped down citing RL conflicts. lol what a loser)[/i][/center][center]Kongo Jack (Deebo) -- [i]Director of Foreign Affairs[/i][/center][center]Pherlofsky -- [i]Director of Growths [/i][/center][center][b]sniperjoe [/b]-- Director of Interior Design [/center][center][font="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"] [/font][/center][center]

Edited by Ernesto Che Guevara
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I said I keep an eye out for BFF announcements due to the sigs, and you have yet to disappoint. o/

Also, I'm curious, is there a way for Elders to lose their position? For example, if an Elder chooses to leave the alliance, then returns at a later date, will said Elder retain Elder status? Or is it revoked immediately upon resignation from the alliance?

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[quote name='Ernesto Che Guevara' timestamp='1347408457' post='3029250']
Also, Polaris, we're gonna steal your sanction spot. No tag-backs, k? k[/quote]
I'm glad you've come to realize that there's no way you're taking our position :D

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[quote name='Emperor Marx' timestamp='1347411372' post='3029259']
You do if you're trying to get away.

True enough. That isn't the case with me though. There was just so much talent, I thought I'd take a vacation. Come back when BFF is in it's darkest hour and be their guiding light. ^_^

Also - screw you, TIO! Now it's [b]personal![/b] :mad:

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