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[size="7"][font="Garamond"][b]The Eclipse[/b][/font][/size]

[size="4"][b][font="Garamond"]Sleepy Hallow Bureau of Transportation Created[/font][/b][/size]


With approval of Baron Dusk, millions were put into an account to fund Sleepy Hallow's newest Government organization - The Bureau of Transportation. Currently being funded more then the Hollow's small military at the moment, the bureau has been given the task of building rail lines in Sleepy Hallow - more notably one from Thunder Bay all the way to the Quebec border for what will soon be "the veins of our country's economy" says Baron Dusk. Quebec, being one of Sleepy Hallow's two neighbors, will have be a major contributor to the export and import of goods. While the bureau has gotten plenty of money for basic operations and some projects there is not enough money in Transportation's treasury to build a fully functioning railroad which has many thinking that private companies may be contracted to build the vital piece of infrastructure.

Because there is no major road stretching from one side of the country to the other the proposed rail line would do the job and play multiple roles for transporting passengers, soldiers, food, and maybe even mail. A national postal service is rumored to being considered as well if there is a reliable and efficient way to bring packages and letters between the East and West. Baron Dusk explained the situation best when he said "the blood of our nation will run through this railroad - we need our blood."

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[size="7"][font="Garamond"][b]The Eclipse[/b][/font][/size]

[size="4"][font="Garamond"][b]Hundreds Join Army[/b][/font][/size]


Hundreds of people have volunteered to enter the newly created national military which will be under the direct authority of the Councils of Darkness and Light and the Baron himself. Current numbers have combat troops at approximately 700 fully trained and armed. The troops have been categorized into two different sects known as The Forest Guard and Lakefront Defense. The Forest Guard is currently numbered at 550 and Lakefront Defense has about 150 members.

For the past few months, local militia have protected towns and cities inside Sleepy Hallow. The militias are estimated to number at about five-thousand however most of these minutemen probably will not join the actual ranks of the Guard or Lakefront Defense. The Council of Light released a statement regarding the newly founded military, stating that "Ourselves and the Council of Darkness have allocated plenty of funds to create and sustain a military capable of keeping peace and order in Sleepy Hollow while also defending our borders." Factories in Thunder Bay have been rumored to begin mass creating weapons such as rifles and grenades - proving that Sleepy Hollow is capable of producing many goods for itself. With able bodied men who are well armed, citizens can conclude that they are now safer then ever under the new government.

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[size=7][font=Garamond][b]The Eclipse [/b][/font][/size]

[size=4][font=Garamond][b]Sleepy Hollow Postal Service[/b][/font][/size]

[i]First Post Office Built, Thunder Bay[/i]

Sweeping legislation between both Councils has lead to the creation of the Sleepy Hollow Postal Service. Because electricity in Sleepy Hollow is not widespread in all places, the Postal Service will provide a vital source of communication for thousands of people around the country who would otherwise have to send a personal messenger or even walk a distance themselves. The most benefit may be gained from places in the north west or north where roads are obsolete.

In fact, a majority of the carriers will be on horse back instead of auto-mobiles. This idea came after the lack of funding to build expensive roads that would rarely be used by carriers let alone civilians. The first Postmaster, who's appointment will be granted by non-other then Baron Dusk, has yet to be named or selected. The carriers will, according to the released legislation from the Council of Light, be armed to fulfill their duty to "protect the mail and dignity of the souls of Sleepy Hollow - and themselves."

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[size=7][font=Garamond][b]The Eclipse[/b][/font][/size]

[size=4][font=Garamond][b]Founding of Port Autumn[/b][/font][/size]


Sleepy Hollow borders two distinct bodies of water which have both proven to be vital to the nation's economy. Lake Superior, making up almost the entire southern border of Sleepy Hollow, is a center for relaxation, beauty and especially economy. In total, the lake has brought in millions of dollars to the government, let alone the actual economy. However one problem does exist with the Hudson Bay which borders the northern panhandle and surrounds several islands belonging to Sleepy Hollow. The Hudson Bay, while bearing many natural resources, islands and endless possibilities, has not been tapped by the government and very few citizens. Baron Dusk, however, intends to change that.

"A northern port is what we need" said the Baron, "Thunder Bay and a few other cities and towns along the coast obviously have contact to the rest of the world through the Saint Lawrence Seaway however a northern passage has been needed for a long time." The Hudson Bay, which is frozen from mid-December to mid-June, will now have a new coastal settlement for the specific tasks of "building up the economy and claims" to the area. The federal government has invested three million dollars into the building of Port Autumn to construct the port itself. Two joint-stock companies have invested into the construction of the town, encouraging over one thousand people to move with the promise of land, money, and jobs. Port Autumn will also open the possibilities of future exploration and settlement of the unorganized islands. The Baron hopes that Port Autumn will bring in revenue to the Sleepy Hollow government and more development of the north.

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[b][size=5]A Motion For Liberty[/size][size=5] - Part One[/size][/b]
[i]Solitude, Westchester, [b]Sleepy Hollow[/b][/i]


"Davissss....... Davisssss!.... Davis." Mylor's eyes opened as his hand gripped his ink pen which still lay in his hand. Picking his head up in fright he nearly fell out of his chair. Mylor dropped his pen and put his hands in his face for a few moments as he came back for reality. "Do I dare look at the clock?" he said as he slowly turned his head. In the back of the room was an ancient, handmade grandfather clock which released of momentary [i]ticks[/i] as time went by.

He already knew it was late by how the light was in the room but Mylor put up his best hopes that his eyes were deceiving him or it was some act of God. The grandfather clock chimed four times as it made a pretty tune to signify the start of a new hour. [i]Dong.....Dong.....Dong.....Dong....Dong[/i] "Damn the fourth chime!" he yelled as he stood from his chair; pushing it back onto the floor.

Mylor enjoyed the comforts of a small study making up the only actual room on the third story of his home. This room was magnificent, made by old and precise architects that enjoyed the relaxing sun in afternoons. In the evening, when the sun was on its decent to bake the Pacific and eastern Asia, its magnificent orange rays were captured in his study because of the unique placing of windows in the room. The wallpaper, floorboards, and other furnishings of the room matched the orange, red, and yellow colors of the evening with sun with amazing accuracy. The room was simple and not too big, including only a book shelf, a small sofa, a hidden radio, a rug, and a desk for writing that had a candle on top of it to serve for light in the weary night.

"Mister Davis!" echoed a voice from the second story as feet pattered up the stairs. "I heard a bang!" said the voice as it got much closer. His door swung open to reveal a panting girl seventeen years of age. Her hair was [url="http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/KatnissBraidTextRear2.jpg"]braded[/url] into one long rope like confederacy, only a bit of it running down the right side of her face. "Are you okay Mister Davis?" Mylor Davis sighed at his unneeded anger and nodded to her. "Thank you Michelle, I am fine... I just fell asleep again."

Michelle straightened her apron and laughed softly. "Mister Davis... Maybe you would not sleep during your work if you slept at night?" That's true. "That is most certainly a fallacy Michelle, I sleep well at night!" Mylor picked up his partially finished work and shook his head. Michelle stepped forward bravely just as Mylor made a suggestion. "Can you..." he looked his servant in the eyes and chose his words carefully, "look this over for me?" After she received the tan paper, Michelle began to read.

[center][b][size=3]The Rights of Man[/size][/b][/center]

All men, no matter their appearance, the amount of wealth in the bank or how they worship their Creator have certain rights which no person, no institution and no government can take away because they are rights designated to man by God that come naturally in nature and open society. These rights which are invaluable and inalienable have been, are now, and will be fought for by peoples around the world against oppressive governments, oppressive institutions, and degrading acts of individuals who attempt to dominate and offend the common man. These rights are common and unwavering - never to change no matter any law or resolution stating-[/quote]

Michelle handed the paper back to him and said nothing. "You hate it don't you?" said the worried man. She simply smiled and gave a curt bow, "No Mister Davis, it was very well written and could only use a few changes in diction or word choice... Will it be longer?" Mylon carefully set the paper back down on his desk and noticed a few loose strands of hair that were not parted to the side of her face or strapped into her brade. "It will hopefully get better before I make it longer" he said as he gingerly rolled the few wild strands of her hair back to her side. "When will dinner be ready?"

Michelle giggled nervously as she tried to find a way to explain that their dinner would be much smaller then it normally is because their last bits of bread went stale. Her attention quickly swayed outside for something interesting; she found something interesting. "Who are all of those people outside?"

Mylon walked to one of the many windows in his room and looked down to the street below which was filled with nearly thirty people."Michelle" he said as he opened a drawer to his desk and pulled out a small revolver "please stay in here... Feel free to sit on the couch." Before she could reply he was walking down the stairs and eventually exited outside. Michelle watched as a man approached Mylon from the crowd.

Standing tall with his chest flexed out, the young representative buttoned his jacket, "May I help you gentlemen?" A ruggedly, serious looking man came up to Mylon with a torch in hand, "We have a grievance, Councilman Davis."

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[b]Estalbishment of Winterhold - Creation of The Polar Guard[/b]


Winterhold, a small fort-outpost, has been established on Mill Island, north west of Quebec. Three-hundred soldiers bearing the title of "Polar Guards" have been especially trained for arctic conditions and the harsh enviornment of the Hudson Bay region. The Polar Guard is assigned the task of protecting and enforcing all of Sleepy Hollow's claims to the Hudson Bay, subartic, and artic regions north of the mainland. Winterhold will be the northernmost human settlement and military outpost of Sleepy Hollow and will decent living quarters. The rocky island of Mill will give a perfect foundation for several structures designed to fend off the ice pack in the winter, fall, and late summer.

The Polar Guard's non-decrotive uniforms would be white camoflauged for the snow the usually occupied the region and would be armed with [url="http://cdn.ammoland.com/files/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Legendary-Winchester-Rifle.jpg"]Winchester Repeating Rifle[/url], a legendary update from the fire arms used by the other branches of the military.

[b]Military Reminder [/b]

[u]Polar Guard[/u]
Responsible For: The defense of all claimed polar and arctic lands north of mainland Sleepy Hollow and the coast of northern Sleepy Hollow from all threats foreign and domestic
Number: 400

[u]Forest Guard[/u]
Responsible For: The defense of mainland Sleepy Hollow from all threats foreign and domestic (police force of Thunder Bay)
Number: 2,500

[u]Lakefront Defense[/u]
Responsible For: The defense of all claims in the Great Lakes and the coast of southern Sleepy Hollow from all threats foreign and domestic
Number: 550

(Light Orange - Polar Guard, Orange - Forest Guard, Dark Orange - Lakefront Defense)

The construction of more forts will be soon to come.

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[b]Classified [/b]

[size=5][b]Order of [color=#ff8c00]Baron Johnathan Dusk[/color] - Commander in Chief of Sleepy Hollow[/b][/size]
[b]To The Bureau of War, Secretary Eli Nightfall[/b]

We are in the midst of a situation which requires that we have more armed manpower then what we are currently in control of. I say that because armed, semi-trained militias do not cut it as the official armed forces of this Sleepy Hollow. Privateers do not deserve to stand next to veterans willing to die in defense of their nation which is why I firmly resolve that the military is in need of an increase in membership. The advice that I offer to you, my very educated and knowledgeable friend is that you choose among the militias to become conscripts of the Forest Guard.

Current numbers of the Forest Guard are at 2,500 however I believe that it should be increased dramatically to 4,500. In order to have this done, the Council of Darkness has approved funds for the needed weapons, uniforms, munitions, and other necessary things so that we can afford this massive increase. Once they are disciplined enough have them move out to secure the already protected areas.

God Speed The Souls of Our Military,

[b][color=#ff8c00]Johnathan Dusk[/color][/b]
[b]Baron of Sleepy Hollow[/b]


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[b]Baron Dusk,[/b]

In reply to your previous letter I have done what you have requested of myself and the Bureau of War. The Forest Guard now, as it stands, has 4,500 soldiers in its ranks who are armed and in uniform. They are transporting to their locations as I write my reply to you and will arrive safely so long as no attacks are made. I feel that we are entering a stable situation that will probably change soon for even the better internationally.

I also wanted to make you aware that I am organizing approximately one-hundred members of the Polar Guard to move to our new territory in Antarctica. A small outpost will be created and hopefully we can make it a self-sustaining area even with the loss of the island at the tip of South America I am confident we can still make this work.

[color=#ff8c00][b]Eli Nightfall[/b][/color]
[b]Secretary of The Bureau of War[/b]


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[size=7][font=Garamond][b]The Eclipse[/b][/font][/size]

[size=4][font=Garamond][b]Cracking Down on Prostitution and Rape [/b][/font][/size]

Baron Dusk has pushed through sweeping legislation that brings on heavy repercussions to "having any type of sexual intercourse or molestation of a minor by an adult". This new law covers all forms of consensual sex even ranging to prostitution. A "legal age" for "consensual" sex for adults was set at the age of eighteen but is "subject to change" according to the law itself. The punishments for violating any of the seven terms of this law include "public punishment, fines" and "death by the judge's or Baron's favor." The only leeway the law gives is a two year gap which allows, at the most, for "an eighteen year old man or woman to have relations with a sixteen year old boy or girl."

Within thirteen hours of the law being put into effect, two men have been arrested for the "Crime of Rape" and can be subject to the death penalty if seen fit by a judge. Baron Dusk may, of course, intervene and preside over the case himself however that unlikely scenario will likely not take place by the typically quiet and somber monarch of Sleepy Hollow. At any case, the Forest Guard in Thunder Bay has declared that "Sexual crimes will not persist in the grand city of Sleepy Hollow. If you dare break the law and disturb the peace tread carefully on our stoney streets."

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The Eclipse

A Princess of Sleepy Hollow?





Baron Dusk gave a bombshell announcement on February, 17 that a young woman he simply named "Charlotte" is "the rightful and only heir to the thrown of Sleepy Hollow" and that he is willing to defend his decision "from anyone who dares to challenge it." Baron Dusk has been a widower since the age of 22 and has not remarried since. Historians from the Royal Library in Thunder Bay conclude, "the Baron has yet to have any children, legitimate or not, and so this girl is not related by blood to the Baron." Adding more to the controversy is that the young lady is female which means that the next monarch of Sleepy Hollow could be a Baroness.


Women are within their right to hold a seat in the Legislature just like a man however they only occupy a quarter of the chamber's total councilpeople. One member of the Council of Darkness, Howard Wilson, has already declared a challenge to the Baron's announcement. He claims that "it is preposterous that the Baron thinks he can chose someone not of his blood to be the next leader of this nation. What if he never has any other children? We wont elect our next Baron but have one forced upon us - not to mention she is a woman and we know very little about her; not even her Christian or last name."


The entire affair will be resolved by a vote from the Council of Light, the upper house of the legislature, if the Council of Darkness votes to send Councilman Howard's challenge to them. The Church is expected to play a huge affair in the matter because it has partial authority over the government. No monarch of Sleepy Hollow may be ordained unless done so by the Church and thus its recognition is vital as to if Lady Charlotte will be a Princess or simply a roommate of the Baron.


Although the Legislature meets in secret at a secret location(s), word is expected to swiftly move as to what the decision is of the Council of Darkness, the Church and the Council of Light. The Councils are expected to be in conclave within the next few days.





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"The Faraway Realm expresses its wish for this succession affair to be resolved with the necessary care and without undermining the stability of the country at large. Not only due to the negative effects instability would have on our country, but also because Sleepy Hollow as a whole cannot profit from letting this affair get out of hand, making it vulnerable to outside influences. As of the moment, the Realm does not formulate an opinion on how Sleepy Hollow shall solve any issues pertaining the succession, as we see no need to intervene in what we still see as Hollowin domestic affairs and sovereignity."

-Cecilia Alcott, Lord Protector of Faraway

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