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A Kaskus Annountment

Lord Caparo

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[quote]Back in late 2011, Blackorchid, Suryanto Tan, Semutjoget and i oversaw the existence of a new alliance, this alliance was called Kaskus. Us NEWians left our pastures at the time to create a new home for ourselves, something where the pressure of trying to please all of our allies meant nothing and that fighting for what we want to fight for meant everything.

The day that Suryanto Tan and Blackorchid bought Kaskus to my ears was what soon became one of my best days in Cybernations. From just being good friends with Blackorchid, i got to know Suryanto Tan as a person and not a hero or someone i admired alot, i now call him my friend as i learnt in Cybernations, there are no heros just winners and losers.

We started off with four members and slowly rose to 7 as we decided that we didnt like the way that all the small alliances were admitting defeat to the alliance called, Non Grata, without even fighting back, so we took matters into our own hands and fought back and gained the respect of Non Grata and Cybernations as a whole as an alliance that will always fight for what it believes in.

During that time we found great friends in the alliance called Mongols, an alliance that would soon create the greatest embarressment for an alliance many times its size with our support.

Without Mongols we would lose a significant event in our history, which was when the entire "Pandora's Box" declared war against Kaskus, signifying the start of us being the only alliance that ever opened the Pandorica, though we would never have done it without the help of our friends in Mongols.

I feel this isnt just a celebration of us having our first birthday, but more of us enjoying ourselves and having fun in Cybernations with our Mongolian friends.

Special Shoutout to Lord Bitburg and Death From Above, you guys made our merge possibly by not changing for us when you joined us, which made Kaskus even more exciting!

Lord Caparo, founder and 2nd Emperor of Kaskus
Suryanto Tan, founder and 1st Emperor of Kaskus
Lord Bitburg, HMFIC of Mongols
Semutjoget, Founder
Blackorchid, Founder

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