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Super Harrier

Captain Enema

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I'm not a huge fan of the F-35 due to a large part the size of the beast. I see something like a super harrier as a moderately stealthy design that comes in a smaller package. This allows it to be landed on a variety of platforms. I doubt I'd see many of these in front line forces like Tianxia, but the point is the bird offers an attractive alternative to us smaller blokes.

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I'll stick that ? right up your....


No.. it's more or less a request for help. I'm thinking this plane will serve as a rough concept drawing for an aircraft that be introduced as a refined and finished product and in the process it will take over the role of the Harrier 2 as a versatile VTOL. I'm mostly just asking for reasonable stats for the plane as this is way out of my field.

I don't like the F-35, just too big of a plane for my tastes and even with my 45k nation strength I'm thinking I will be a bit of a realist of sorts with my fleet. My aim being to provide a fast moving fleet of smaller ships to screen my allies and support their major fleet vessels in combat.

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