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A GODly Umbrella Announcement

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[size="7"][center]The Tooter Pact[/center][/size]

[b]Article 1.[/b] Umbrella and The Order of the Reaper agree to be civil and friendly in all interactions between their memberships (excluding any interactions involving NationRuler).

[b]Article 2. [/b] Umbrella and The Order of the Reaper agree to a pact of non-aggression between their two alliances.

[b]Article 3.[/b] In the event that one signatory comes under direct attack by a third party the other signatory is obligated to come to the defender's assistance via military and financial aid. If said attack comes as a result of the defender activating a treaty with a third party, such assistance becomes optional.

[b]Article 4.[/b] Should one signatory decide to conduct an aggressive attack against a third party, the other signatory is encouraged, but not obligated to assist.

[b]Article 5.[/b] Umbrella and The Order of the Reaper agree that The Order of the Reaper's official acronym shall henceforth be recognized as TOOTR.

[b]Article 6.[/b] If one signatory decides that they would like to cancel this pact, they will be required to give the other signatory 72 hours notice. After this 72 hour period comes to a close, Articles 1-4 shall be considered null and void. Article 5 is permanent and cannot be canceled or altered by any means.

[b]Signed for,[/b]

The Order of the Reaper:

The Reaper (S-1): Bassman
S-3 Trainings Officer: Arod Johns
S-2 Foreign Relations Officer: Hormones
S-4 Logistics Officer: lordtyrion
S-3 Lieutenant: General Somoza
S-2 Lieutenant: Thor the Great


President: Domisi
Vice President: treefinguy

Field Marshal: Lusitan
Generator: Martikora
Envoy: Raken & Chief Savage Man
Economist: Niota
The Guy that Announces Treaties When You Jerks Are Taking Way Too Long: LegendoftheSkies

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