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Government Notice from the Viridian Entente


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The longest serving and most influential leader Viridia has ever had has decided to step back after over two years on the throne. It would take far too much space to talk about the things Impero has done for Viridia, and the incredible heights he has taken us, so I will just state that the experience of serving under him and watching the master at work is one that I will always value, and I look forward to continuing to work with him to chart the proper course for Viridia to take in this world. I am excited for the future, and can't wait to get to work building for it.

As such, the government of the Viridian Entente is as follows:

[b]Lord:[/b] Goldie
[b]Duke:[/b] WarriorConcept
[b]Secretary of Defense:[/b] Supreme 142
[b]Secretary of State:[/b] Deviousfairie
[b]Secretary of the Interior:[/b] Baltus
[b]Secretary of Economics:[/b] Ging

I invite everyone to join us in commemorating Impero's tenure in #ve and at viridianentente.com

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To begin I have to say a sincere thanks to Impero for all the time and dedication he put towards leading Viridia for so long and through so many tough waters. While from an outside point of view there will be those who disagree with what he did, all his decisions were always made with Viridia’s membership on his mind. Him stepping down is but a natural progression of time and I for one am grateful that he will still be sticking around to chat when available. He has been amazing to work with and can proudly step down with his head held high.

With that chapter closed I am looking forward to a stronger Viridia led by Goldie, a man known by many for his devotion and work for the Entente. Regardless of any personal grudges people may have against him he has always and will continue to do what he feels is best for this alliance. There are very few people who know just how much time and energy he has committed to VE and this promotion to the top spot is a clear indication of our meritocracy system, reminding us Viridians that our hard work always pays off in the end.

I am proud and honored to accept the position of Duke and all the responsibilities that come along with it. For anyone wishing to speak to or to get to know me I am always available by PM or a Query on IRC.

Onward Viridia o/

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Thank you for your years of service, Impero. Congratulations on your retirement.

Congratulations, Goldie. You will make a fine Lord of the Entente. Umbrella is pleased to see another intelligent and respected individual take the helms of the alliance. We are happy to call you an ally.

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It has sincerely been an honor to serve Viridia these past years, and it has been an honor to get the chance to work with so many of you as well.

I have absolute faith that Goldie will prove to be an exemplary Lord of the Entente, and encourage any of you who haven't had a chance to do so yet to stop by get to know him. Plus, hes ten times more pleasant then I ever was.

And don't worry, while I may not have the time Lordship requires at the moment, I'll still be around.

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