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White peace for all


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With great pleasure I can now announce the New Polar Order - Anarchy Inc aid war has ended.
We all enjoyed helping out our allies enormously and this time it is not a cliché, everyone's a winner!

For those of you who asked for stats, here is the final tally
[color="#0000FF"]NpO - 1182 slots ($1,938,600,000 Cash - 39701 Tech)[/color]
[color="#4B0082"]AI - 836 slots ($2,460,601,198 Cash - 4950 Tech)[/color]

Good going for twenty days!

o/ Anarchy Inc
o/ Polaris

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[quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1346763565' post='3027807']
Looking at that tech figure I'd say Polaris [i]crushed[/i].

Well considering how few Ai nations can make tech...

And great job polar, was really great competing!

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