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SNAFU's Next Achievement: Four Unleashed!


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[b]Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I come before you today as a representative of the alliance known throughout the cyberverse as SNAFU. You may or may not have heard things about this alliance…terrible, terrible things, but I want to assure you that only some are true and those that are, are woefully exaggerated.[/b]

[i]The dapper looking fellow at the front of the room is interrupted by a somewhat harried chap who seems to be whispering frantically.[/i]

[b]Er…ladies and gentlemen, it appears that I have perhaps misunderstood the reason for our gathering. Please give me a moment to collect my thoughts and we can continue.[/b]

[i]Reaching over and cracking open a fresh 2 Liter or Diet Pepsi that same well attired fellow unloosens his tie, reaches behind the podium and pulls out a rather stained and dirty cowboy hat. Fitting it on his head in what appears to be the most natural of gestures he turns back towards the crowd.[/i]

[b]Boy I’ll tell you what, that’s certainly a relief. Here I was, thinking that the law had finally caught up to us and turns out we’re just here to celebrate our 4 year anniversary! Let me pull out the speech I had prepared for this most eagerly anticipated day.[/b]

[i]While he searches the pockets of his excellently tailored suit for the correct speech the crowd murmurs enthusiastically regarding the great milestone reached and in anticipation of what else he may tell them. Just as they were losing patience he seemed to find what he was looking for and approached the microphone again.[/i]

[b]Friends, SNAFUians, fellow citizens of Planet Bob, welcome to the jamboree!!!! Today marks the fourth anniversary of the founding of the alliance SNAFU. Lo those many years ago, ten simple souls started on a journey with little but the shirts on our backs and a song in our souls. With the likes of Heheurfunny, Madam CaVi , Adificio Depereo, Tazman, Drall, Sniper620, Silverstar, Kamua, theWren and myself there was no doubt at all that we would succeed.

And succeed we have for today also marks not just our chronological age but also a new height in the development of our alliance as noted by the famed SNAFU historian Olds Tuff.


This is technically the [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=98745&st=0&p=2635405&hl=+snafu,%20+2%20+million&fromsearch=1&#entry2635405]second[/url] time we’ve reached this particular milestone but the first done so during peach time. Thank you one and all for your hard work and perseverance, it’s all been noted in your permanent record.[/b]

[i]At this point the crowd erupts in a cheers and guffaws, at least until the oddness of that last statement sinks in. They then realize that it’s probably not important and the boisterousness ramps back up. Meanwhile the man in the hat removes his jacket and begins rolling up his sleeves.[/i]

[b]Please, please quiet down my friends, these are momentous occasions but we have much to get through tonight so let’s keep after it. The next announcement that I would like to make centers around a bit of a change in our leadership here at SNAFU. Our new government lineup looks like this:

[center]Grand FUBAR – Stetson of Axeland
Puppet Master – Joe32320 of Lealand
Homeland Director – eXcessium of Islington
Foreign Director – Lord6Dread of Middleland[/center]

There will of course be various functionaries named and beaten at regular intervals, but these are the people in the know and able to say no.[/b]

[i]The roar of the crowd causes the next few words the well coiffed dandy speaks to be drowned out but as the multitude settles down the rest can be heard…[/i]

[b]…we will miss her and her contributions to SNAFU shall never be forgotten. Madam CaVi has always been a beacon of truth, justice and leadership that will endure![/b]

[i]As he says this there’s an audible gasp from the crowd. Has CaVi passed on? What’s going on, where is she, is she okay? Questions of pain and anguish over something happening to one of SNAFU’s most beloved leaders ripple through the crowd.[/i]

[b]In her new role as the full time forum administrator she will be watching over all of us making sure our new home is as comfortable as a well worn pair of boots and we're fairly certain that Joe32320 will admirably fill her somewhat daintier shoes.[/b]

[i]Realization sweeps over the crowd and the cheering picks back up encouraging the host to continue.[/i]

[b]I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the new digs, but keep in mind that you’ll need to sign in again to get your keys to the facility. Our friendly neighborhood helper monkey will be sure to process the sign in’s quickly.


In conclusion I want to leave you with a personal message from the bottom of my heart.[/b]

[i]Silence blankets the auditorium.[/i]

[b]SNAFU has been over these last 4 years a home and haven. There are more people that have come and gone than I can actually count, mainly because our roster is not 100% complete, but I digress. Over 300 people have at one time or another called themselves citizens of SNAFU and every single one of them has helped make this alliance what it is. Even those who sign up for a day and are never heard from again help shape the character of who we are and what makes us family. So, to all of those who have ever flown our flag, thank you, we look forward to another 4 years having fun with you all.

Now don’t forget Mr. T thinks you should join SNAFU![/b]


The preceding message was brought to you by Carl’s Junior.

<snip – end transmission>

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