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From Greenland with Love


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Truth be told, he still wasn't sure why exactly he was sitting in the seat in a Greenlandic diplomatic jetliner that was currently cruising full-speed toward the Far East. Marscurian Siberia, to be exact.

He had been going about his usual duties in the Diplomatic Services Bureau (DSB) within the Foreign Ministry when he'd abruptly been summoned into his superior's office and handed an assignment that he was to carry out with "utmost haste." "You are to make a visit to Marscurian Siberia within the next hour. Your flight has been chartered, and your transportation will be here shortly. You may go now."

So, here he was. Richard Whitmore scowled to himself a little as he looked out the window. One minute, he had been trying to flirt up a pretty secretary named Rosie Sewell, the next he was in this plane for the next twenty hours or so.

Heaving out a sigh, Richard tried to make himself comfortable as he leaned back in his cramped seat in the largely-deserted plane. A few delegation officials were seated in the rows behind him, but Richard didn't feel like making conversation with them, preferring to fantasize about the shapely figure of Miss Sewell.

He heaved out a grunt as he felt his suit pants grow a little tighter as...less than appropriate images of the secretary filtered into his mind.

This was going to be a long flight.


Richard jolted out of his sleep as he felt the plane begin to land onto the runway. Still drowsy from a largely restless sleep combined with sheer boredom, Richard tried to blink the sleep out of his eyes as he looked out the window. He could see that the plane had landed at Marscurian Siberia. Glancing at his watch, he knew that at least twenty hours had passed.

Straightening up, Richard adjusted his suit as he tried to make himself look decent. He frowned at the fact that none of his delegation made an effort to wake him up so he could prepare himself ahead of time.

Oh well, at least he'd have a few minutes to tidy himself up a bit, Richard thought as he stood up from his seat and made his way toward a lavatory that was located toward the front of the plane.

'Thanks a lot, guys.' He thought to himself derisively as he glanced at the others that were still sitting in the row of seats before stepping into the cramped lavatory. Looking at himself at the mirror, Richard sighed.

He looked like crap.

Turning the faucet on, he cupped some of the water into his hands and splashed it onto his face. At the cool sensation of the water as it made contact with his face, Richard felt a little more better, although his breath smelled rank. He'd have to disguise that with some mouth freshener he'd brought with him. Somehow.

As the plane taxied to a slow stop, Richard stepped out of the lavatory and made his way back to the seat, grabbing his thick overcoat and briefcase. Not speaking to the others, he put the overcoat over his shoulders before reaching into one of his pockets and pulling out a mouth freshener. Spraying it into his mouth, Richard squared himself before began to make his way toward the open plane door, not sure of what to expect as he made his way down the stairway...

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At the bottom of the stairs, Sasha Leonid, mid-level diplomat in Greenlandic and Eastern-American Affairs, was there to greet Richard.

"Ah, Mr. Whitmore," Sasha said, grabbing his hand and pulling Richard in for a deep kiss, "it is a pleasure to have you here with us today."

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To say Richard was completely and utterly traumatized was a vast understatement of the millenium. As Sasha Leonid gave him a deep kiss, Richard vowed mentally to kill his superior for subjecting him to that, consequences be damned.

Once the Marscurian diplomat pulled back, Richard barely managed to contain his shock, opening his mouth to say something. "It's a pleasure to meet with you as well." He said, managing a friendly smile on his face, a bitter taste still lingering in his mouth.

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"You look shocked," Sasha said, "but this is how men greet one another in Marscurian Siberia. High fives for the women, and open-mouth tongue kisses for the men." He then gestured towards a waiting car. "Shall we depart? I'm sure we have much to discuss."

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"It's just that I have never been here before." Richard said as he walked alongside Sasha toward the waiting car. Inwards, he was feeling very apprehensive, hoping that Sasha didn't try to do anything to him while in the car, though he maintained a cool exterior, well as much as he could possible.

"If I may inquire, what topics will we be covering at the meeting?"

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