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Deinos Election Results

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[size="4"][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Deinos Election Results Woooooo[/font][/size]

[spoiler]welp accidentally posted this way too early, what a disaster[/spoiler]

So, summer is over. Leaves are falling and nearly our entire government is changed up! Crazy! We've got some new faces, some old faces, and some really handsome faces (me guys, I'm the handsome one) in gov this term.

Tyrant King: New Frontier
Utahraptor Prince: Jaym

Raptor Lord of War: Jake Liebenow
Raptor Lord of Diplomacy: Gloin
Raptor Lord of the Interior: Kraig82
Raptor Lord of Development: D0pe Sm0ker
Raptor Lord of Finance: Materia Obscura

Fossils: Dera, Magister Agricolarum, Walt Thizzney, Sandler, Silver Empress, Divine Proportion, Bones Malone
Attorney General: Friggin Dracula

Isn't that crazy? So much change! I, for one, am excited for how this change will move Deinos forward into our Next Generation. But I'm also very afraid.


(Note: I am now back from my hiatus and will be resuming day-to-day leadership of this fine alliance.)

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