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[center] [img]http://i50.tinypic.com/2qlh8pc.png[/img][/center]

A couple of us have been friends for a very long time, and have similar philosophies and goals. In spite of this, we had never actually all been in the same alliance. So when a certain nation leader (hello shavar) approached me stating that he was considering starting a new alliance and would the one I was in at the time consider a treaty, I asked a few little questions. Well, okay, more than a few, and not exactly little...but it’s all good because during the course of our conversations I decided I wanted to be a part of it too.

It is with pleasure that I announce the existence of The Javahouse League. We are a democratic alliance where all members are considered equal and have input on the direction we head in the future. Managers are elected to take care of the day to day tasks involved in running our group. Our goal is to create a place where we can hang out with each other and talk about whatever in a community of friends. A place like a local coffee shop.

[center] [img]http://i48.tinypic.com/90x7jl.png[/img]

The Charter of the Javahouse League
[/center][spoiler] The Javahouse League (tJL) is hereby established as a Cyber Nations alliance on August 24, 2012.
Mission Statement

The mission of the Javahouse League is to provide a comfortable and secure cyber-coffeehouse cafe for our membership to interact with each other and with our friends, and the larger community of Cyber Nations.
Article One: Admission & Membership

I. The Javahouse League (henceforth known as tJL) has no official color sphere affiliation within the Cybernations community as of this time and recognizes all team spheres as valid for application purposes.

II. Application Process

a. Any nation applying to be a member of tJL must not owe any money to any other alliance, or currently be in a war where the nation attacked another nation. The applicant must also fill out an application form at the official forums.

b. New potential members may change their alliance affiliation to The Javahouse League upon application. For the first fourteen days of membership, new members hold the rank of Tier I membership. If the member successfully completes their fourteen day trial and demonstrate the ability to follow the Articles of Incorporation, they will automatically advance to Tier II membership.

III. Tier III membership will be granted to any member with a good standing in the community and having been a member for a minimum period of six months.

IV. Membership Rights

a. The rights listed below shall pertain to all members unless otherwise specified. Solidarity is implied for each nation-state and thus all maintain the right to manage their nations as seen fit within the confines of recommended development.

b. All Tier II and III members are awarded a single vote in all official tJL votes. It may not be transferred to another individual.

V. Member Secession and Expulsion

a. Any member wishing to leave tJL may do so during periods of peace and must official resign their position in tJL within the designated Resignation forum.

b. Failure to follow the Articles of Incorporation or policies of tJL may face a variety of consequences, up to and including expulsion. Discipline hearings will be provided to members which request one.

VI. Member Responsibilities

a. All tJL members are tasked with maintaining a peaceful existence with the other nations in the Cyberverse. This policy coincides with a zero tolerance for engaging in tech raiding or other hostile acts not in the defense of a fellow member during peace time.

b. Defend any member of tJL that is attacked, and take an active role in any war declared by a majority of tJL.

c. Keep confidentiality regarding internal matters and regarding tJL security.

d. Follow the Articles of Incorporation and the policies of tJL.
Article Two: Alliance Polling Rules

I. In order for a vote to be held, there must be a minimum of two members calling for an alliance vote and the support of one Manager. The vote must be preceded by an alliance-wide discussion.

II. Poll Regulations

a. Henceforth, all polls will pertain to one of two voting policies. A Majority vote is defined as one which concludes with a 50.1% requirement for passing. A Supermajority vote is defined as one which concludes with a 67% requirement for passing.

b. Any poll initiated will last for a period of 48 hours unless an Emergency vote is initiated.

c. All votes not cast in the allotted polling period will be considered null and void unless otherwise determined by members to have been cast prior to the opening of the voting period.

d. In the event of a tie in the voting procedure, the vote will be considered to have not passed and will be subject to a period of re-debate and discussion before a second poll may be initiated.
Article Three: Government

I. Henceforth, all tJL government officials will be referred to as Managers

II. Authority of Managers

a. Each Manager will have control over their specific domain and handle day to day responsibilities, their authority to make alliance decisions does not extend beyond their domain.

b. An Emergency meeting of the Managers may be used to initiate an alliance-wide Emergency vote which can be held within a 24 hour period after notification to the entire alliance.

c. In the event of a crisis from the outside that threatens the safety and welfare of tJL that cannot wait to be resolved through the 48 hour voting process, two or more managers may make a non-military based decision to resolve the matter and then inform the members of the decision along with their reasoning, as soon as possible.

III. Managerial Elections

a. Any Tier II or III member may choose to run for a Managerial Position.

b. Elections for Manager positions will be held every six months, the top six eligible candidates in terms of votes received will be elected to office and distribute themselves to offices accordingly.

IV. Manager Positions

a. Membership

i. Expansion of tJL membership and education of nations.
ii. Managing applications of new nation-states.

b. Architect

i. Forum maintenance and improvement.

c. Economics

i. Organization of tJL member finances and internal economy.
ii. Performance of member audits and technology development.

d. Public Relations

i. Maintain and develop relationships with outside alliances.
ii. Managing Embassy hubs within tJL.

e. Security

i. Initiate defensive protocols and lead tJL in warfare.
ii. Ensure all members adhere to military requirements.
Article Four: War and Peace

I. The Javahouse League will maintain a peaceful existence within the Cyberverse when the situation permits.

II. Any declaration of war will require a supermajority vote of the tJL membership. This vote may not be performed in less than a 48 hour timeframe but may be initiated prior to conflict assuming enough information is provided for voting.
Article Five: External Relations

I. Treaties and Relations

a. It is the policy of tJL to preferably deal in optional treaties with other alliances, however every instance will be handled individually.

b. Any treaty vote must have a majority decision of tJL membership or a supermajority for all mutual pacts.

II. Policies

a. tJL reserves the right to assist friends any alliance under any circumstances regardless of the formality of a treaty or not, on a case by case basis. This action will require majority acceptance.

b. Under no circumstances will tJL support the use of zero infrastructure policies nor will it make use of unreasonable peace terms on a nation or alliance basis.
Article Six: Amendment Procedure

I. At any time a tier II or III member may suggest changes to the Articles above, these changes must have a second vote and require a supermajority vote for acceptance.
Article Seven: Disbandment Procedure

I. Disbandment or merger hearings may only be initiated by tier III members and require a minimum of one second vote, the proceedings will require a 48 hour period minimum and proceeded by a 48 hour vote that corresponds with a period of maximum alliance availability. A supermajority vote is required for an alliance disbandment, all former members agree to abstain from attempting to continue tJL henceforth from the accepted vote.[/center][/spoiler]

Our Current Alliance Strength
[spoiler][img]http://i469.photobucket.com/albums/rr59/odannyboy333/newDOEstats.jpg[/img] [/spoiler]

The recently elected managers (our government) are:

Membership Manager = shavar of shavar
Architect Manager = lonewolfe2015 of Nosce Te Ipsum
Economics Manager = kshas96 of States of India
Security Manager = Vasili of Rhoditaia
Public Relations Manager = White Chocolate of Lander Clan

Our public IRC channel #tJL on Coldfront.
Our forum address is [url]http://w11.zetaboards.com/The_Javahouse_League/index/[/url]
We will be announcing a military treaty with Basketball Ninja’s soon.

We'd also like to acknowledge the contributions of D34th (for designing our flag and crest) BN (for protecting us and being awesome people) SC (for housing a majority of members prior to launch and being fantastic friends) and RoTN (for their friendship and temporary housing of a member).


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[quote name='Jake Liebenow' timestamp='1346594291' post='3027406']
No protector?

Well, I guess you guys don't need one at 900k NS. Good luck, folks.

Also, your flag looks like TPF's flag :colbert:

Read the OP again.

In case it's not clear, these cats are protected by BN. Hands off.

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[quote name='Jake Liebenow' timestamp='1346594291' post='3027406']
No protector?

Well, I guess you guys don't need one at 900k NS. Good luck, folks.

What Shaazzam said :awesome:

We :wub: Basketball Ninjas.

Edited by White Chocolate
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