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Lay down my knee and Wounded Heart and burp no more forever...

Captain Enema

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My activity at late has not warranted my nation size. Simply put, I'm too big for my britches and I don't believe it's fair that perfectly good land is going to waste.

[quote]The Proposal:

With the cooperation of the relevant powers in North America, I propose to turn 75 percent of my nation into a lawless free zone of pimps, whores, mercenaries, drug runners, and insurance salesmen(insurance salesmen, OMG). I do this under the condition that no weapons of mass destruction are introduced into any role plays. Further, while this 75 percent is not white land, it is open for new roleplayers and under certain conditions older role players who are rolling a new nation. No colonies or bases allowed, unless an agreement is made with my current government, but I wouldn't bother asking, I doubt I'd say yes to a colony. That is until I am more active, once I regain a respectable level of activity, once that occurs all the filth and rabble shall perish beneath my blade etc.

The reasoning behind requesting the cooperation of North America is simple, those good ol' moralist land hungry busy bodies have a tendency to quash perfectly good lulz. One can understand the antsy nature of these major powers with a more or less free for all of rape, murder, drug running, and who else knows what in their back yards. However, providing they keep their forces small, company of 100 men and less, I won't say anything if they intervene with the more unruly elements that are threatening their borders. Anything larger than 100 men will require my consent. And seriously, if you aren't on my border or even near me, go away, as the area in question is not completely unpoliced there will be a Federal Police organization desperately doing their best to keep the area under control.

Anyone who really frustrates me with this can eat hot juicy nukes, but I think most people know I'm pretty tolerant of antics providing they are keeping in the boundaries of reasonable role play and said role plays aren't being used to pull me into some dorkfest of a war.

So gents, specifically the North American busy body yahoos, the ball is in your court, will you allow a wild wild south or will you piss all over a potentially good role play party? [/quote]

Rough draft of a map for the area, the red stuff will be under my direct control.


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Yeah more or less, it opens up the area to new rpers as well. When my activity improves if the land is still there I'll come a calling and kill all the yankee criminals.

There are limits, no weapons of mass destruction, no interventions beyond 100 men, I sure as hell do not want to see Canada running around my back yard either, and so forth. I'm happy to start popping nukes if someone can't get the picture.

I really would not mind a smaller nation or two rising up out of the ashes and all that either, so if someone comes looking for land and they are willing to hustle and shoot their way to world wide recognition, I'm up for it. So be sure to mention this whole nutty scheme to hyperactive writers and rpers.

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