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A Phoenix Federation Announcement

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[quote name='The Big Bad' timestamp='1346377499' post='3026789']
Nothing good can come of this... and that makes The Bad all happy inside. Anarchy Inc and TPF that makes a whole lot of ass kicking in one nice package :awesome:
You and I allies, I feel violated already.................

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[quote name='Kryievla' timestamp='1346469008' post='3027009']
This is a nice treaty. I like it. Needs more deathcat tho ;)
You Rang? :)

It feels sooooo right on Bob again... I'm treatied to the most awesome Kry ever! :wub:

To be back with my purple brethren again brings balance to MY world :)

oo/ AI
oo/ TPF

Can't believe how long this took to become a reality ;)

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[quote name='mhawk' timestamp='1346510754' post='3027166']
It's been years since I was connected to neither BAPS or Valhalla, all is right(or wrong) in the world again. Time to make ready.

The black sock never fails.... ;)


Though it may get a bit dirty at times :P

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As everybody knows TPF loves Anarchy. We live in it, we spread it, we bath in it, we shed it, & now a little ink and we have wed it.

To many long years of Anarchy! May we always light your fire!

o/ Anarchy Inc
o/ TPF
o/ casualties

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