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A Phoenix Federation Announcement


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[center][u][b]The Anarchist's Little Black Book[/b][/u]


Anarchy Incorporated and The Phoenix Federation agree not to lay together in a violent manner. Any biting must be mutually desired. Anarchy Incorporated and The Phoenix Federation agree to see each other on a casual basis.


Both Anarchy Incorporated and The Phoenix Federation agree that this is an open relationship. Should one party to this agreement, whether unwillingly or through well executed seduction techniques, find themselves with a house guest and the other party finds themselves attracted to the said houseguest, they may join the festivities if the homeowner is willing to share.


The principles above also apply to the occupants of non-signatory households. If one party to this agreement, due to happenstance or successful manipulation, find themselves at the home of another and feel they would enjoy the company of a third, the other party to this agreement may or may not be willing to make the commute depending on where they feel the occupant falls on a scale from 1-10.


New relationship opportunities sometimes present themselves in indirect ways. If one party discovers their casual partner is desired by another, they agree to inform their casual partner of the situation so that said partner can greet their suitor with lighting set to entice.

[b]Quitting It[/b]

Relationships rarely last forever. If either signatory no longer wishes for the the company of the other, both parties agree to a 72 hour trial separation. Upon completion of the trial separation, this relationship is officially severed.

Signed for The Phoenix Federation

[u]Evil Overlord[/u]
Judge X

[u]Evil Underlord[/u]

[u]Phoenix Magistrates[/u]


Tron(black sock never fails)ix
Nobody Expects

jraenar, Minister of Defense
WickedJ, Minister of Finance
The Pansy, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lord Levistus, Minister of Internal Affairs

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[quote name='Steve Buscemi' timestamp='1346393552' post='3026849']
I knew this was a possibility 5m ago when I read TPF's embassy on our forums. That makes me kinda cool right? I really wanna be cool for a change.

Congrats AI and TPF!

I knew about this a month ago.
Or it could have been a few hours ago, I've got no idea, I've got no calender in here, it's impossible to tell.

Congratulations on the treaty, and what-not.

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[quote name='queenhailee' timestamp='1346379899' post='3026803']
Nice to see this finished up. Glad to partner up with you folks.

GK, look what you've done. You allied qh :P

I can die happy now. The combination of your long standing teasing, coupled with the avoidance of my past advances has led to a very frustrating few years.

My work here is done. =D


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