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We Rattle This Town, We Rattle This Scene

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[/center][center][b]The Nusantara Elite Bloodbath Accords[/b]

[b]Preamble: [/b]

Did you honestly thing BFF merging would mean we're leaving our friends in NEW? Haha, wrong.

[b]Article I:[/b]

Both signatories agree to act with respect toward the other. The will also, like, not attack each other. Except Canik. Screw him.

[b]Article II:[/b]

Should either party come upon information pertaining to the safety of the other, they are required to share it immediately.

[b]Article III: [/b]

Should either party request the monetary, technological or informational aid of the other, said aid shall be provided forthwith.

[b]Article IV:[/b]

Should either party come under attack for any reason whatsoever, including a chaining action, the other is required to come to the immediate defense of the first upon request.

[b]Article V:[/b]

Should either party declare an aggressive war, the other is required to, upon request, declare an aggressive war on the same target.

[b]Article VI:[/b]

Should either party deem it necessary to cancel this treaty, they shall inform the other party as soon as possible. After this, the treaty remains in effect for one week. Article I shall remain in effect indefinitely.

[b]Signed for NEW:[/b]

[i]The Elite Warriors[/i]

[b]Signed for BFF:[/b]

[u]The Neapolitan Council[/u]

[i]Ernesto Che Guevara -- Strawberry Ayatollah[/i]

[i]Turetel -- Chocolate Ayatollah[/i]

[i]Wolfprince -- Vanilla Ayatollah[/i]


[u]The Elite Assembly:[/u]

[i]Canik -- DoD[/i]

[i]Deebo -- DoFA[/i]

[i]Pherlofsky -- DoG[/i]

[i][b][size="5"]Sniperjoe[/size][/b] -- DoI[/i]

[/center][center]Clarification -- This is just re-signing the grandfathered NEW treaty. [/center]

Edited by Ernesto Che Guevara
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[quote name='Saniiro Matsudaira' timestamp='1346291004' post='3026524']
o/ BFF
o/ NEW
[size="5"]o/ Sniperjoe[/size]

He hates when I don't capitalize the "J" or put a space between the names. I hate him in general. This way we both get something to hate.

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