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First Tactical Corps DoE

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The First Tactical Corps Here by declares it's existance on Planet Bob. Here is our charter


Section 1:Membership

Any nation wishing to seek membership within The First Tactical Corps is allowed as long as they follow the official means of completing an application and meet all requirements for the application processes. All applications are to be reviewed by The Officer of Internal affairs. The Officer of Internal affairs may reject an applicant due to prior history or past and current conduct with High Government approval.

All applicants must meet the following requirements;
1. Not in an offensive war
2. Must not have a history of poor conduct
3. Not currently a member of any other alliance
4. Must be in good standing with our allies

Section 2: Defense/War

An attack on any member or Treaty ally will constitute a declarable of war on First Tactical Corps.
During peacetime a member of First Tactical Corps may not launch an offensive war without consent of the High government which consists of the Commander in Chief and two lieutenant commanders. In addition, no member may declare war on a member of an alliance: an alliance is constituted as a group with the same affiliation of five or more members. A declaration of war on another alliance must have the approval of The Commander in chief.

Section 3 : Other Officials

Non-High government officials will not be responsible for signing treaties or declarations of war. Although they may speak freely to convince the High government of actions, they will not be included in the signing of the actions themselves.

Any member of The First Tactical Corps. who possesses the necessarry skills my apply to be a officer. An officer is a non-high ranking government position within the First Tactical Corps. An officer can be assigned or retired by a member of the High government.

A guard is a non-government assistant to officers. Guards can be assigned and removed by their officers or the High government.

Battalion Commanders
A battalion commander is a special assistant to the Officer of War and Defense.

Section 4 Treason

Treason will be handled on a case-to-case manner. Punishment includes, but is not limited to zero infrastructure and a removal of membership.[/quote]

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[size="4"]We are very proud to see a promising alliance return from the abyss. We have always had close ties with FTC, and so it is no surprise that we extend our protection and support to them as they reform.[/size]

[color="#FF0000"][size="5"]o/ FTC[/size][/color]

[quote][center][u][b][size="5"]Terran Empire - First Tactical Corps Protection Pact[/size][/b][/u][/center]


With longstanding friendship as well as the belief that older alliances should assist in the development of smaller alliances, [b]Terran Empire (TTE)[/b] extends its protection to include the [b]First Tactical Corps (FTC)[/b] effective immediately upon affixing signatures to this document.

[b]Article I[/b]

Both TTE and FTC recognize, that while the spirit of brotherhood is strong, each are separate and sovereign entities in any and all matters not outlined below.

[b]Article II[/b]

Both alliances mutually assure that neither signatory will defame, physically attack, spy on the other, or provide aid to a known enemy.

[b]Article III[/b]

The Terran Empire, does hereby extend protection to our friends and brothers in FTC. Terran Empire pledges to offer both diplomatic and military aid in defense of any threats to the safety and security of our FTC brothers. As such, any unwarranted foreign attack on any nation or nations flying the alliance affiliation of "First Tactical Corps" will be considered wholly to be an attack on Terran Empire itself, and will be dealt with accordingly.

[b]Article IV [/b]

Should Terran Empire come under attack while this treaty is in effect, FTC is not required to provide any measure of defense. In such a situation, FTC will be permitted to make their own determination as to their course of action.

[b]Article V[/b]

Raiding will not be permitted by any nation of the First Tactical Corps for the duration of this treaty.

[b]Article VI[/b]

First Tactical Corps shall neither sign nor announce any diplomatic agreements, nor go to war, without the consultation and approval from Terran Empire.

[b]Article VII[/b]

Other specifics have been detailed and accepted in private.

[b]Article VIII[/b]

This treaty shall remain in effect until FTC feels it is capable of providing for its own defense. It is the intent of both parties to establish a relationship that will last beyond this treaty.

[b]Article IX[/b]

Should either party wish to terminate this treaty, a notification of no less than 72 hours prior to dissolution must be received.

Signed for the [b]Terran Empire[/b]:

[b]Yuurei[/b] - Chancellor of Foreign Affairs
[b]Michaelboy88[/b] - Chancellor of Administration
[b]CheezDood[/b] - Chancellor of Defense
[b]Ceaser Augustus[/b] - Chancellor of Internal Affairs
[b]McMam[/b] - Chancellor of Finance

Signed for [b]First Tactical Corps[/b]:

~ Commander and Chief [b]Presidant Joe[/b]
~ First Lieutenant Commander [b]Fire_lord185[/b]
~ Second Lieutenant Commander [b]Lordstevex[/b]

Edited by Yuurei
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