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Operation Mamma Grizzly


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[quote]Military Dispatch from the Emperor of Tianxia to the Northern Imperium:

Stability in the Imperial Realms ranks among the highest priorities of the Empire. Tianxia stands alone as a pillar of global security which rogue nations like the Northern Imperium can only aspire too.

Today we must outright insist that you begin the process of withdrawing from the Alaskan and Western Canadian Maritime Zone and retreat 300 kilometers inland in accordance with the Foreign Relations Objectives spelled out in the Pacific Harmony Accords to which the Celestial Empire of Tianxia is party. Effective Immediately, the Empire announces its intentions to repossess these areas under direct Tianxia Administration.

We further demand the decommissioning of all long range power projection tools defined as aircraft with a combat radius greater than 1000 kilometers, stand off weapons with a strike distance greater than 300 kilometers, ballistic missiles with a range greater than 2000 kilometers, any vessel with well docks or the capability to launch fixed winged aircraft including those defined as short take off and landing.

Further it comes to our attention of the increasingly irresponsible actions of yours in outer space. We not with particular concern a minor power without sufficient regard for safety placing nuclear materials in space. We therefore must insist that you surrender your space assets which have nuclear power to the Sovereign Initiative for safe decommission for the general peace and security.

The Empire believes that under such actions, the peace and security of the Pacific Region can be satisfactorily maintained. It is our hope that you quickly ratify this demand before you are in further violation of long standing Tianxia Doctrine which predates your nation.[/quote]

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[quote]Military Dispatch from Tianxia:

Following the lack of an response, Tianxia has no choice but to assume the the Northern Imperium has ceased to be a functioning government. We would have been content with a reduced scope of oversight, this is clearly no longer adequate though. Consequently we revoke recognition of this government as well as its legitimacy to oversee those who have paid tribute and homage to our Celestial Empire. Those who pay tribute to the Empire rightfully expect to be governed with the favor and Wisdom of Heaven, they expect those who rule them to be virtuous and govern virtue.

The Northern Imperium has failed to do so. Therefore the Empire of Tianxia hereby passes the Alaskan Liberation Act which removes sovereignty and legitimacy from the Government of the Northern Imperium over its territories. It has 24 hours to leave the country and for its armed forces to remove the old regime and make room for a temporary provisional authority that meets with the favor of the Imperial Throne, should it fail, or should it seek to mobilize forces internally or externally to attempt and avoid this fate, it shall meet with the full might of the Imperial Hand.[/quote]

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[u][b]Federal Republic of Iran Declaration[/b][/u]

The Federal Republic of Iran revokes its recognition of what is left of the Northern Imperium regime. We also repeat our declaration that the Northern Imperium is a Rogue State, which is a major threat to peace and stability in the world. We support the Alaskan Liberation Act and the removal of the fragments of this illegal regime by force by our allies.

We hope that soon its stain will be removed from the Alaskan Plains and they are returned to its rightful rulers. Death to the Imperium Tyranny!

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The First, Second, Third, and Fourth Prairies union armies, First, Second, and Third Air Forces, and First, Second and Third Fleets have been issued mobilization orders. The naval assets were ordered to leave the Arctic ocean and enter the Pacific. Land forces were ordered to begin a slow movement towards Alberta while the Air Forces doubled air patrols over Saskatchewan, The Diefenbaker and Regina International Airports were closed to all civilian traffic.

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