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[center][size="4"][b]Infrastructure Projects Begun[/b][/size]


Comrade Premier Duberov has commissioned a number of infrastructure projects with different goals in mind. The first would be to set up cities and towns all across the country. The second would be the establishment of collective farms throughout the countryside. The third is the construction of factories and industrial facilities all across the nation in order to beef up domestic production and bring more jobs to the nation. And the fourth and final goal is the construction of a national highway system ensured to connect all parts of the country and strengthen communication.

Construction has recently begun and already, a number of cities and towns have been started up with more expected to follow over the succeeding months. The highway system and factories are already under construction, expecting completion sometime by the end of the year. The collective farms have been sprouting up all over the country, sure to benefit the Proletariat of Yoitsu after suffering under the oppressive tyranny of the old weeaboo regime.

[center][b]Crackdown on Former Government Supporters Ensues[/b][/center]

With the government fully on its heels, the internal security looked to dealing with the remnants of the old government. Those who supported the old regime as well as espoused elements of the degenerate weeaboo culture that symbolized the bourgeois who oppressed mistreated the true proletariat of Yoitsu. Thus, earlier this morning, the NKVD has begun cracking down on supporters of our former oppressors, members of this filthy regime who had somehow escaped being targeted by our glorious liberators, as well as those who dare espouse the disgusting culture which the old regime represents to us.

Within hours, over 35 people had been arrested with Commissariat, with more expected as the days continue. Those people were taken to the newly-established NKVD headquarters deep within Yoitsu City and are never seen again. It is rumored that they had been taken to a new Gulag system of internment camps being constructed. The government denies this and calls it lies, but even it was true, it's a fitting end for the filthy pigs. It is now illegal to speak Japanese, the language that reminds us so much of the weeaboo dogs who had oppressed us. In their place, Russian and the various languages and dialects spoken by native tribes in the region are being promoted. Russian culture is now espoused by our nation, as it is truly representative of a nation dedicated to the cause of the worker and the Proletariat. With luck, all remnants of the filthy weeaboo regime shall be swept away, making way for a new Yoitsu to rise out of the ashes of the old, finally free of the shackles of oppression.

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[b]National Name Change Announced [/b]

The campaign to rid the Motherland of all traces of the filthy weeaboo regime that reigned prior to the rise of the Proletariat nation has been for the most part successful. Now, there was but one thing that needs to cleansed of weeaboo influence and that was the name. And that was exactly what Comrade President Duberov was intending to do, for he gave an announcement today.

The Democratic Republic was changing its name, shedding the name that reminds the Proletariat of their oppression under the weeaboo bourgeois. No longer the Democratic Republic of East Yoitsu, the nation is now the Democratic Republic of Novaya Siberia, a name which would truly emulate the strength and spirit of the people. All signs and labels shall be changed to befit the new name.

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