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Just a few notes

Leet Guy

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It's been awhile since I've been here, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. The Mushroom Kingdom needs an active leader, something I haven't been able to be of late for [ooc reasons.] Therefore, Infinite Citadel will be promoted to the position of Prince. As someone who has served as both Lord High Treasurer and Lord High Vanguard I'm plenty confident he can dutifully run the day to day operations of the Kingdom. Filling in for him at Lord High Vanguard will be ArneS, and with the many lower government roles he's served for us and as a former FOK! President I'm quite excited to see what he does in our high government.

As a reminder, here is what our current government looks like:

[b]King:[/b] Archon
[b]Crown Prince:[/b] Teh 1337 Guy
[b]Prince:[/b] Infinite Citadel

[b]Lord High Vanguard:[/b] ArneS
[b]Lord High Treasurer:[/b] King Brandon
[b]Lord High Director: [/b] Epiphanus

[b]Enclave:[/b] Azaghul, quiz, and rsoxbronco1

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If you can use 'awhile' in place of 'a while' in cold blood, it is most definitely time to retire. Or to semi-retire, whatever this is.

I look forward to receiving our instructions from Prince Infinite Citadel.

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[quote name='Walshington' timestamp='1346130103' post='3025912']
TL;DR: Driven out by DICK and the Blue Army.

I thought no one was going to point out the elephant in the room and then BAM... Walshington comes out with it. :unsure:

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[quote name='Laslo Kenez' timestamp='1346151108' post='3025957']
Congrats to everyone. Hope everything is well for you, Leet.

I'm quite well, thanks for the wishes though. And I'm not retired despite the reputation others in royalty seem to have set in the past >.>

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