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An Announcement from the Basketball Ninjas and The Imperial Order

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[size="7"][b]The Silent Empire Accords[/b][/size]

On this day of August 27, 2012, the Basketball Ninjas (BN) and The Imperial Order (TIO) come to the following agreement:

[b]Article I: Non-Aggression and the Sharing of Intelligence[/b]

The alliances of BN and TIO are not to engage in acts of war against each other at any time. They also agree to share intelligence-related information with each other.

[b]Article II: Recommended Defence[/b]

Should one signatory be engaged in an act of war by an outside party, the other signatory is strongly recommended to provide assistance of a diplomatic, military and financial nature.

[b]Article III: Considered Aggression[/b]

Should one signatory engage in an act of aggression against a third party, that signatory has the right to request assistance from the other signatory. The other signatory is not required, but is recommended, to follow the advice of the aggressive signatory.

[b]Article IV: Extension of Treaty[/b]

At any time, the signatories may discuss the revision of any of these clauses, especially in the spirit of a stricter interpretation. At the end of two months, it is strongly recommended that such a discussion is held.

[b]Article V: Cancellation[/b]

Should either party wish to cancel this treaty, it may do so unilaterally. In the event this occurs, this treaty remains in effect for seventy-two hours.

[i]Signed for the Basketball Ninjas,[/i]
bcortell, Triumvir
Shaazzam, Triumvir
hartfw, Triumvir
Max Power, Minister of Foreign Affairs

[i]Signed for The Imperial Order,[/i]
Imperial High Commander, Scorponok of Dead Space, Herder of the royal flock, keeper of Skippy's meds.
Internal Commander, Galvatron
External Commander, Stagger Lee
Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs, Rogal Dorn
Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs, Klinker
Imperial Officer of War & Defense, Apocalypsse
Imperial Officer of Finance, htmlmaster

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