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Unable to Accept Aid


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I have a pending aid request. 50 tech is being sent to me. The nation sending currently has 50 tech in his possession. When i click to accept the aid however, I receive the following error:

"You have received an error trying to view a page. Here is the detailed error code: Sorry, but the sending nation no longer has the required amount of technology to send this aid package. Please delete this foreign aid proposal."

I didnt notice this issue until today when an alliance mate had posted that he was waiting for me to accept the offer. I had been trying to for the last few days but figured he had sent out multiple offers and just hadnt refilled his tech yet.
Im currently using Firefox and have attempted to accept the aid using the Explorer browser and still receive the same error. I have never had this issue before.

This issue seems fairly straight forward in not needing screenshots, but if that is the case, I can post some.

My nation aid screen: http://www.cybernations.net/search_aid.asp?search=403302&Extended=1

The nation sending: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=468584

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This sounds like an issue with rounding up, instead of an Aid bug. If the nation sending the Aid has 49.999 tech, most in-game pages will show it rounded up to 50.00 tech. But it still only counts as 49.999, so an aid offer for 50 tech won't work. For example, my nation page show that I have 4,560.00 tech, but I really only have 4,559.995 tech. You can check how much tech a nation has by clicking on the Charts tab and scrolling down to the Nation Development Comparison chart.

So my answer is: the seller needs a bit more tech.

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