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Joint Announcement from TENE, Shadow Empire and Anarchy Inc.


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[center][img]http://cnvalhalla.org/temp/ai2.png[/img] [img]http://cnvalhalla.org/temp/tene2.jpg[/img] [img]http://cnvalhalla.org/temp/se2.png[/img][/center]

[center][size="7"]The Sons of Anarchy Defense and Development Bloc[/size][/center]

[center][b]Anarchy inc. hereby offers the following contract to the Sons of Anarchy in the interest of assisting in their military, diplomatic and economic development. Anarchy inc. agrees to uphold this business arrangement in exchange for the special security services offered by the Sons of Anarchy.[/center][/b]

[b]Article 1: Biker Gangs are organizations of loners[/b]

Anarchy Inc. and all members of the Sons of Anarchy understand that each member of the gang is a free riding maniac seeking the lonesome road in their own way. All members of the gang are to be considered sovereign.

[b]Article 2: You don’t knock your buddy off the bike[/b]

Anarchy Inc. and all members of the Sons of Anarchy agree to coexist peacefully with each other, and will not attack each other militarily, or verbally. All members will remain respectful towards each other in public and shall handle any issues they may have privately out of sight of other gangs.

[b]Article 3: When the offer they can’t refuse is refused[/b]

The Sons of Anarchy agree that occasionally business requires muscle. Should the corporate assets of Anarchy Inc. be infringed upon by outside parties, the Sons of Anarchy agree to ride to the defense of Anarchy Inc. If Anarchy Inc. decides to conduct a hostile takeover of another company and requires the Sons of Anarchy to help in “convincing” the competition to accept the deal, Anarchy Inc. will duly notify the Sons of Anarchy ahead of time and give them the option of choosing not to ride out.

[b]Article 4: Nobody messes with the security contractors of Anarchy Inc.[/b]

Should any member of the Sons of Anarchy find themselves hauled off the road and thrown into prison by one of “The Man’s” agents for no reason, Anarchy Inc. will be obligated to forcibly spring that member from said jail and render unto the ones responsible a curb stomping. All other members of the gang may join in the curb stomping if they wish too.

[b]Article 5: Business is business.[/b]

The Sons of Anarchy understand that their independent actions done on the road cannot reflect upon the stock price of Anarchy Inc. If the Sons of Anarchy get into trouble with The Man while in the employ of Anarchy Inc, they will immediately notify the company so that Anarchy inc.’s lawyers can bail them out of court and smooth over any legal troubles. The Sons of Anarchy will refrain from declaring any offensive actions, defined as declaring war or committing any deliberate action to harm the interests of another gang without first getting permission from Anarchy Inc.’s corporate headquarters. Violation of this article will render Anarchy Inc.’s obligations under Article 4 optional and further assistance of the Sons of Anarchy as a whole will require approval of Anarchy Inc.’s corporate headquarters.

[b]Article 6: Bikers cannot ride without bikes[/b]

Anarchy Inc. agrees to provide to the Sons of Anarchy the necessary funds needed for them to accomplish their tasks while in the employ of the company. This funding is enumerated, but not specifically limited to, assistance in developing trade circles, nuclear capability, and war sustainment. Anarchy Inc. reserves the right to set certain conditions for funding on individual bikers, based upon activity level and time in service. Anarchy Inc. also agrees to assist in repairing any damage done to the Sons of Anarchy's bikes while in the employ of the company. Members of the Sons of Anarchy also agree that they are part of a group as well, and if able shall assist in such development and reconstruction plans along with Anarchy Inc.

[b]Article 7:Occasionally a rebel biker sells out to The Man[/b]

Anarchy Inc. shall provide all members of the Sons of Anarchy assistance in becoming an integral part of Bob’s system, be it with guides, advice, or direct on the job training.

[b]Article 8: Anarchy Inc. needs bikes too[/b]

The Sons of Anarchy agree to provide a framework for the sale of tech to Anarchy Inc. or any of their designated subsidiaries.

[b]Article 9: A Gang is only as strong as its members[/b]

Any member of the Sons of Anarchy may nominate a new member to join the gang. Should all the other members agree, then that member shall be considered a part of the Gang with all the rights and privileges.

[b]Article 10: Don’t buy products from the competition[/b]

The Sons of Anarchy agree not to sign any contracts with other corporations without first notifying Anarchy Inc.’s corporate headquarters.

[b]Article 11: The Lonesome road calls[/b]

Should any member of the Sons of Anarchy wish to leave the gang, they must provide 48 hours notice before doing so. Until then all provisions are to be considered binding. Should any member of the gang be considered a detriment to the whole, they may be removed by an approving vote of all other members of the gang. Should Anarchy Inc. feel a member should no longer be in their employ, they will be given 48 hours notice to pack up their bags and leave the premises.

[b]For Anarchy Inc.:[/b]

Nobody Expects, Triumvirate
queenhailee, Triumvirate
Tron(SACNO)ix, Triumvirate
Lord Levistus, Minister of Internal Affairs
jraenar, Minister of Defense
WickedJ, Minister of Finance
The Pansy, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Aeros, Special Envoy/Technical Engineer

[b]For Shadow Empire:[/b]

DemonSpawn, Council of Shadow Forces, General of Shadows
DVDCCHN, Council of the Foriegn Ministry, Chancellor of State.
NobleSix Council of Shadow Affairs, Keeper of Limes

[b]For The Empire of the New Evolution (TENE):[/b]

Diego, Emperor
Bigmike, High Marshal
Nsharpy, Marshal of Foreign Affairs
Jakcob33, Marshal of War
Zel887, Marshal of Internal Affairs

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[quote name='Proest' timestamp='1346028280' post='3025495']
Lol. Such a lame name. And who the $%&@ are those two irrelevant micros? Allying some tiny alliances so you can merge them into you when they eventually collapse?

Everyone starts somewhere. Our futures prediction department crunched the numbers and predicted huge payoffs on the stock in these particular companies. Of course, Accounting is howling at the expense, but marketing has told accounting the STFU and get back to making sure the credits match the debits.

People claim the game is dying, well, Ai saw a huge quantity of new players in these "two irrelevant micros" and thought, "potential". IMO, irrelevancy is determined after a couple years, not a couple hours. I will be saving this quote for use at precisely 8 PM on 8/26/2013.

Edited by Aeros
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