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GM Nomination thread

Zoot Zoot

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Same routine as last time.

Three nominations per person, although you are not obliged to use all three votes.
You cannot nominate yourself
You must have a CNRP nation for your nominations to be valid.

Nominations close on the 29th at 15.30 GMT.

I nominate Voodoo.

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[quote name='J Andres' timestamp='1346007317' post='3025423']
Since everyone keeps naming the same people: is this nominating process coinciding with the voting process?
Either way, I haven't been active long enough this time around to make decisions on the matter, so I'll be abstaining. Just curious on the procedure.
The six people with the most nominations go on to the actual voting, where the three GMs are voted on. Think of this as a primary before the general election.

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[quote name='PresidentDavid' timestamp='1346033858' post='3025522']
I would also like to nominate KaiserMelech as President of our GM Council. He would essentially have no powers, like the Vice President, unless there is a tie.... And since there are three GMs... well... Yeah. But he can do spy rolls.

That is all.
KaiserMelech, the President of the GM Council CNRP wants [i]and[/i] needs.

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