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J Andres 2052 Elections & Debate

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J Andres Elections  

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[center][size=4]J Andres, 2052 Elections![/size]
Polls will be open until August 30, 2012 (RL date)


[url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/William_Hahn]William Hahn[/url] ( N ) - [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=112749&view=findpost&p=3024403]Speech[/url]
[url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Evan_McDowell]Evan McDowell[/url] ( A ) - [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=112749&view=findpost&p=3025008]Speech[/url]
[url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Dimitri_Egorov]Dimitri Egorov[/url] ( C ) - [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=112749&view=findpost&p=3024605]Speech[/url]

[b]Live from Endor Cuidad, it's the 2052 Presidential Debate![/b]

[b]MODERATOR[/b]: The subject of the monarchy has risen numerous times thus far in this election, with each of you gentleman taking very different views on how the monarchy should function. A recent Anchor Times poll shows that 60% of J Andres Citizens enjoy having a monarchy, Mr. Egorov, what is your opinion on the matter?

[b]EGOROV[/b]: My position on this matter is well known. The Monarchy was established in 1986 as a ploy by the Nationalists and the Anchor Party to retain some grip on power during the first Communist Rebellion. The entire purpose of the Monarchy is to overrule the people of the nation and their elected representatives in the Commune. The people may have elected Josef Mercton, but we did not elect is heirs who have a birth right to vote in the Commune. This is very undemocratic. Never mind the spending spree that Princess Katherine recently went on spending 4.6 billion Anchors on development projects. I think we can all agree that we need development projects, but couldn't she have waited the few months until after elections so that the choices of the people could be reflected in which areas received money? A vast majority of the spending occurred here in the East, while our land to the West received very little of this economic development package.

[b]HAHN[/b]: I completely disagree with Mr. Egorov. I think the Monarchy is one of J Andres most important institutions. 60% of the people enjoy having a Monarchy because it brings this wonderful feeling of history everywhere the Monarchy goes. When I see Princess Katherine on my television, I can think, 'Oh wow, that's the granddaughter of Josef Mercton!' I believe we need to strengthen the Monarchy and restore the J Andres Empire. With a true Emperor, our nation would be much more effective by consolidating the power in the crown. Too often bills bounce around the Commune for eternity because two senators are arguing over the comma usage in paragraph four. With an Emperor, there would be no arguing on the matter, things would just get done, and that's want the nation wants to see. They want to see progress.

[b]McDOWELL[/b]: It is true that people love the Monarchy. I could not agree more. Everyone loves to see the tabloid pictures of when they can catch any of the royal princesses down at one of the southern beaches. I agree with Mr. Hahn that the Monarchy is an important institution, but I believe we are implementing it wrong. If I am elected, the Monarchy will be removed the Commune. Instead, the Monarch will serve in the role of Chief Justice of the J Andres Supreme Court. The Monarch shall appoint 4 other Justices to serve with them, who will need to be approved by the Commune. In addition, the President will lose their votes in the Commune as well. The President will still be permitted to attend sessions to propose legislation and will play the crucial role of a tie-breaker in the event of a tie, but will no longer have 10 or more votes to throw around however they wish. This will be a true separation of power in our government with the appropriate system of checks and balances. We have seen what has happened in the past when a President attempts to dominate the Commune with their votes. This solution preserves the Commune, the President, and the Monarchy, and for once, gives them all independent and distinct tasks.

[b]MODERATOR[/b]: Excellent responses gentlemen. Now the questions will be more specific. Mr. Egorov, you support the Western Regions plea for independence. Why is that?

[b]EGOROV[/b]: Just look at this nation. If we were a corporation, being traded on a stock exchange, do you think there would be a lot of investor confidence in us? What you need to remember is that WE have abandoned the west numerous times in the past. The west has a very different culture than our own and it comes from all of our time apart over the past few decades. They have developed on their own and they no longer wish to entrust their safety in the hands of a distant government. At least not a government that hasn't proved itself. I believe the issue should be put up to vote, either by the public themselves or among the Commune. I believe there is a way for us to sort this issue out without bloodshed.

[b]MODERATOR[/b]: Thank you. Mr. McDowell, You have claimed that you have a "vision" for J Andres, but you have been vague on many attempts at trying to explain your vision. Right now, in front of the national audience, please, let us look through your eyes.

[b]McDOWELL[/b]: I think the future of J Andres is bright if we invest in ourselves and within our businesses. Recently, Marscurian Siberia opened a World Trade Center to promote international trade within their nation. In the past, we did have a Bureau of International Trade, but nothing quite like what they have. We will construct a building to facilitate International Trade; we want to attract as much foreign money as we can. By taking that capital and reinvesting it in ourselves, we will only continue to grow more and more prosperous.

[b]MODERATOR[/b]: And Mr. Hahn, we have seen a long line of Nationalist Party members who intend on expanding the J Andres Borders-typically through might rather than Diplomatic means. If you are elected, what does that mean for our North American neighbors, both in terms of military and politics?

[b]HAHN[/b]: J Andres has always supported North American Unity! The tone of this question is awful! If I am elected Vinsalia and the rest of our neighbors wouldn't need to worry about us invading them. The only thing that would be crossing the border is our diplomats hoping to open up diplomatic contact. We will look to meet with numerous North American neighbors and develop friendships. Those friendships turn into treaties and then allies.

[b]McDOWELL[/b]: And what of the nations that don't develop friendships that turn into treaties that tun into allies?

[b]HAHN[/b]: Well, we won't need to worry about them for very long now would we?

[b]MODERATOR[/b]: At this time we are going to turn it over to our international press corps. Members of the international press can field a question for all the candidates or for any one in particular.


Poll is open. Your voting will [b]influence, not determine[/b] the final outcome.
Unlike last time, there will be no "rigging" of elections, however, posting public support of a candidate or party will result in additional fundraising and turn out for their cause IN ADDITION to any votes that are made in the polling above.


The Parties have released their choices for who will be selected as Premier of the Commune if they have a majority:
Nationalist Party: Emily Gibbons
Anchor Party: Rupert Garfield
Communist Party: Lord Pablo Kensington

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"We wish to extend our formal support behind Dimitri Egorov and the Communist party...it is our firm belief that a government directly elected by the people and for the people should take root in J Andres."

- Prime Minister Vincent Hawkins

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"The Republics of Newfoundland and Labrador shall support the Anchor Party, with our beliefs that their beliefs may help your nation prosper."

~~Minister of Foreign affairs- Catherine Martin

journalist Gwynne Dyer of Newfoundland&Labrador's 'The Telegram' " Mr. Hahn, If I may ask, why do you feel that a monarchy is better than say, a republic or perhaps even a dictatorship? Don't you think your people would enjoy life more if they can feel the thrill of voting those they feel are worthy to run, and out with those who are not?"

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[b]MODERATOR[/b]: Mr. Egorov, you have received the most support from nations abroad. Mr. Hahn has stated that you are "in cahoots" with foreign nationals. What is your response to these allegations?

[b]EGOROV[/b]: I believe that the governments of Vinsalia and Georgia have supported my campaign because they support the rights of people. These are nations that modern, and don't look to the past with nostalgia. We need to move past our days of the Monarchy. We need to move past the days of our Empire. I think that this showing of foreign support it proof that I am the most qualified to hold this position. The nations of the world are already lining up behind me. Negotiating the world of Foreign Affairs will not be difficult for me and my administration. Need I remind you that I am the only candidate with any government experience? My experience as Premier of the Commune will be crucial in working with the Commune over the next few years. My opponents are convinced that they will be able to institute policy just by "dreaming up visions." This is not the case; the Commune requires compromise, and that is something I am fluent in.

[b]MODERATOR[/b]: Mr. Hahn, your response to Ms. Dyer's question?

[b]HAHN[/b]: Ms. Dyer, democracy is a terrific idea, but unfortunately democracy results in turnover, and turnover is weakness. A strong leader like an Emperor would serve for decades, God willing that is. There would be far less turnover and the nation would become stronger because of it. Once the Emperor had selected a path, we would stick to it, rather than continuously undo whatever the prior administration had done. With a consistent direction our nation will succeed and the people will be happy. Whether or not they have a choice in each and every matter won't matter. I think our people will be happy as long as our nation doesn't collapse three years from now.

Edited by J Andres
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[B]MODERATOR[/b]: Earlier this year, when the Royal families gathered to discuss the terms on which J Andres would organize, they determined that J Andres should eliminate the former Department of Energy, with its associated Minister and staff positions. If elected would you revive this department? What would be your policy on Energy? Mr. Hahn, lets start with you.

[b]HAHN[/b]: Ben Richards was the President that we can thank for the Department of Energy, and clearly, during his era the department completed a good amount of research that progressed the nation forward. It was under Ben Richards that we developed the nuclear bomb, and it was under Ben Richards that we successfully made the switch to entirely nuclear power. However, once we achieved 100% nuclear power, and made all of our cars electric, the Department didn't really have anything to do anymore. I'm not sure if anyone could tell you what the Department of Energy did after any of the reformations. I think the Department itself was useful at the time, but we can achieve the same effects through legislation and tax incentives to business that choose to help us on the scientific road to discovery. At this day in age, we don't need to invent the nuclear bomb again. We have done it before, our scientists don't need to discover how to do this, they simply need to wait until the needs and support structure of J Andres is there.

[b]EGOROV[/b]: I would agree with Mr. Hahn in that the department is not needed. If elected I would prefer to create a Department of Education. A governmental department dedicated to the intellectual enrichment of our young citizens and the nation as a whole will result in better technology that will us to develop and harness new sources of energy. Today, coal has returned to the number one source of energy for J Andres, and I eventually see us shifting towards a renewable source, but I don't think a governmental agency is required to do this. Legislative mandates can have the same effect.

[b]McDOWELL[/b]: It seems that we are all on the same page for this one, albeit with different perspectives of how to go forward. I think you would have trouble finding any one today who could name any of tour past Energy Ministers unless they attended a school named after them or knew them personally. I think our way forward in this regard would be to invest in our research corporations and to foster new companies that would develop this technology. The last time that I visited the JTech offices, they were doing some interesting studies with Wind Turbines and attempting to improve their efficiency. I think this is a more viable solution then having a governmental department. The purpose of the governmental departments are to assist the President in executing their job. Reducing the departments to simply the Department of War & Defense and the Department of Foreign Affairs is useful because it leaves us with only the necessities.

[b]MODERATOR[/b]: Do any of you foresee a return to nuclear power as J Andres main power source, or do you predict a different source of energy? If you could create a power map to guide J Andres energy usage for the next twenty years, what would it look like?

[b]HAHN[/b]: I think nuclear is by far the most effective way to get the power. The fossil fuels are dwindling and eventually we will need to shift over as we have done in the past. I think a goal of returning at least to 50% nuclear power within 15 years is attainable. In all the years that we operated nuclear power plants, none of them ever had any incidents, so I believe it is a safe and clean alternative.

[b]EGOROV[/b]: I believe that after the attack on Providence, our nation is weary of allowing any sort of nuclear construction to occur here. I believe offshore wind farms would be the best route. There wouldn't be as many regulations as with nuclear and construction could likely begin within 5 years.

[b]McDOWELL[/b]: I think there is a lot of strength in solar power, unfortunately the research hasn't been completed to properly develop it economically at this point in time. I think with further investment over the next ten years, our technology companies can make superior solar panels that would allow for the switch shortly thereafter. Although we would still require other sources of energy such as wind and hydropower to bolster our supply year-round.

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[quote][b]From His Majesty The King of Ireland[/b]


[b]In Support of [u]Evan McDowell[/u] of The
Anchor Party[/b]

I am the monarch of a beautiful, productive, and now growing industrious nation with a strong agricultural background. I have been working hard with the House of Lords, the Dukes, and the various Ministries that make up our government to bring Ireland up from the ashes that I found my homeland in when I took the throne. It has been hard and we have had to fight and struggle, including defending ourselves in war, however even in unfavorable conditions I am able to bring industry and manufacturing to this island so that people may have jobs, work hard, and get to wherever they want to be in society. The actions that I have taken with the guidance of my ministers has brought a two-hundred percent increase in the number of manufacturing jobs to Ireland which has raised the standard of living in Ireland significantly. I believe that Evan McDowell of the Anchor Party has the best interests at heart and a respect for the Royal Family of J Andres. His experience in business will, without a doubt, make J Andres look like a shinning beacon on a hill for foreign investment and business. That is why I am pledging my full support for Mister McDowell and the Anchor Party. In fact, since I am so confident that Mister McDowell will bring J Andres in the right direction economically and culturally, I promise to open trade with J Andres the first day Mister McDowell is in office and [i]no[/i] import tax will be imposed for the first five years of commerce. God be with J Andres this election cycle.

[b]King Anthony Patrick O'Reilly
Sovereign of Ireland[/b][/quote]

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[b]MODERATOR[/b]: Mr. McDowell, it appears recently you have received a large amount of foreign support. Is there anything you want to say to your supporters? What can you attest your strong international support to?

[b]McDOWELL[/b]: I believe it is the principles that I stand for. The Nationalist have lead this nation through the past three reformations, and none of them worked out very well for us. The international community recognizes this as well. They don't want a J Andres that is going to cause trouble for the international community. They don't want a J Andres that isn't going to be productive in the global economy. Our citizens, and the rest of the world desire a J Andres that matches my vision. My vision for a thriving community that spans a nation, and will become a global benchmark for success. I want to share my vision with the nation and make it a reality, and together, we can do it. Thank you to my supporters, your words mean a great deal to me. I look forward to working with your nations as the next President of J Andres.

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[right][size="5"][i]December 17, 2052[/i][/size][/right]

[size="4"][b]Anchor Party Defies Gravity, Rises to Top[/b][/size]

[b]ENDOR CUIDAD[/b] -- Nationalist Party Candidate may have said that the Anchor Party would "sink" and take the nation down with it, but the only thing sinking in this election was Hahn himself. Evan McDowell of the Anchor Party decisively took the Presidency this evening over both of the other contenders.

[center][img] http://www.followthatfireengine.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Ewan_McG.jpg[/img]
[i]President-elect Evan McDowell is ecstatic after his election victory[/i][/center]

"Tonight we have sent a message," McDowell said in his acceptance speech. "That J Andres is open for business once again. It will not be long before we are the thriving center of commerce in North America. We have told foreign nations, that they have nothing to fear--we will not be imperialist warmongers. We have told our own citizens, that we will protect their rights and citizenship. A referrendum question over the western cession can be on the ballot in 2056, now is the time for us to be united and build this country strong. Not for use to split into our factions and go our separate ways."

McDowell has also announced his selections for the ministerial positions. Anton Rasmussen will serve as the Minister of War & Defense and Patrick Aurora will serve as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

McDowell and the rest of the new government are to be inaugurated on January 2, 2053.

Patrick Aurora, the soon-to-be-Minister of Foreign Affairs has announced that nations that would like to pursue diplomatic relations in the vein of hosting summits and or would like to begin treaty discussions may now proceed at [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=112880&st=0&p=3025434&#entry3025434]Diplomatic Quarter, Endor Cuidad[/url]

Here are the full election results


Evan McDowell (Anchor): 43%
Dimitri Egorov (Communist): 35%
William Hahn (Nationalist): 22%


Anchor Party: 98 Seats (49%)
Communist Party: 70 Seats (35%)
Nationalist Party: 16 Seats (8%)
National Liberation Party: 12 Seats (6%)
Christian Democratic Party: 4 Seats (2%)

[b]FULL GOVERNMENTAL LISTING[/b], Effective January 2, 2053 (ooc: September 1)

President: [url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Evan_McDowell]Evan McDowell[/url]
Monarch: [url=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Stephanie_Mercton]Queen Stephanie[/url]
Premier: Rupert Garfield
Minister of War & Defense: Anton Rasmussen
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Patrick Aurora

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