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Looking Forward to Vostokslavia


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[quote][b]From His Majesty The King of Ireland[/b]


[b][u]To Minister-President Vladimir Putin[/u] of


I come to you to fulfill a promise made previously when times were tough here in the British Islands. I, and many others here in the government, were proud of your words during the Reichtenberg incident. It is good when any nation or group of nations in any part of the world can stand together and support a common cause for peace. Peace was achieved in the British Islands and peace was then saved again by our allies in the Reich after Umbrella tried an airborn invasion of Great Britain. I understand that Vostokslavia is not directly next to Ireland or Great Britain however I myself was moved by your concern for peace in Western Europe. I had promised that I would have a meeting between myself, yourself, and German Officials but I fear our German allies have been busy. We can schedule a meeting later with all of us together if you like but I thought it would be nice to have you, or a representative, come here to Dublin so we can talk and possibly make ground on what we can do to keep peace in Europe.

I hope to heart back from you soon Minister-President,

[b]King Anthony Patrick O'Reilly
Sovereign of Ireland[/b][/quote]

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The Foreign Ministry was interested to see what may come from greater cooperation with Western Europe. Minister-President Putin sent a reply accepting the invitation, but regretted that he would not be able to go himself. Instead the Foreign Ministry dispatched Ambassador Yuri Alexandrovich Nikitin to Dublin for a meeting with Irish officials. If things went well the Minister-President would give Ambassador Nikitin authority to establish a permanent diplomatic mission in Dublin.

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The skies that Ambassador Nikitin would take to Ireland would be cleared and patrolled by two F-16s of the Irish Air Force. The Ambassador's air craft would be alerted that two F-16s would be bring them to the Irish Capital. In order to secure the Ambassador's safety, extra security measures including the beefing up of the Coast Guard along Dublin and particularly around the Port of Dublin. All air traffic to and from Dublin Air Port would be grounded until the Ambassador was safely with the King's Men - the special Guard of the Irish Crown. The landing strip that was designated for the Vostokslavian would be lined with Irish Marine armed not with rifles but Irish flags as an honor guard. They were also symbolizing peace and tranquility by lacking firearms.

Once the plane finished it's landing the Marines would stay in place as the King's Men, also referred to as the Royal Guard, would be waiting outside of the air craft in their full dress uniform. Waiting at the end of the line of soldiers would be Minister Christopher O'Connell of Foreign Affairs. The men would salute the ambassador as he walked past them and when he reached the end of the small line of men Christopher would extend his hand and greet the diplomat. "Welcome to the Kingdom of Ireland Ambassador Nikitin - I am Christopher O'Connel, Minister of Foreign Affairs. His Majesty directed me to meet you here and bring you back to the capital so we can all talk."

After greeting the Ambassador, Christopher would walk beside him with the formal guidance of the King's Men to a motorcade of black limousines. Inside would be a mini-bar with a few alcoholic drinks and bottles of water. Minister O'Connell would offer the Ambassador anything he wanted and would explain that Ireland had the intent of helping Vostokslavia get to know Western Europe, including Ireland, and help ensure that peace will reign in Western Europe. He said that would be the basis of the meeting, however the King would explain the rest when they arrived.

After taking the short trip from the Dublin Airport to the building which is the seat of power for the House of Lords which would be the perfect place to hold the meeting. Once reaching the House of Lords, Christopher would bring the Ambassador inside where the King would be waiting in the Lords' Chambers. The moderately large, empty room had plenty of refreshments and even food in case the Ambassador was hungry. King Anthony would then shake Mister Nikitin's hand and offer him an seat. "Ambassador Nikitin, its an honor to meet you."

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