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Outlaws & Steampunks

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[size="5"][b][u]Outlaws & Steampunks[/u][/b][/size]

[size="3"][b]Preamble: Unbeknownst to the citizens of Bob, there arose a friendship between two formidable alliances: the great Machine of The Apparatus, and the wild-spirited fighters of The Outlaws Republic. Let it be known that our previous agreement of optional defense has been elevated to mutual defense and optional aggression in the hopes of a stronger bond.

Article I:
The Apparatus (App) and The Outlaws Republic (TOR), hereby known as the signatories, hereby recognize the validity of this treaty and understand its components. We shall not engage in hostile or near-hostile actions or words in any form or channel against each other. We agree to remain on friendly terms in public at all times and will resolve all personal conflicts in confidence. We also agree to relay any pertinent information to the safety, security, and well-being of each alliance at all times.

Article II:
The signatories agree that should war befall upon either party for defense, the other will come to the immediate aid of the primary party. All diplomatic, economic, and military aid shall be offered for the success of the mission. Defense shall not be required, but is requested, should the conflict arise from a third party.

Article III:
If either signatory feels it must act aggressively in order to secure peace and prosperity of the alliance, it may request the assistance of the other party. While highly encouraged, this request is neither mandatory nor binding.

Article IV:
Both signatories understand that times move and shift to the tides of an ever-changing Cyberverse. We agree, then, that if for any unfortunate reason one party is no longer comfortable with this treaty, a seventy-two (72) hour notice shall be needed to initiate a cancellation of terms. However, in order to fulfill the notice, the initiating party must first provide a solid reason for cancellation.

Signatures for The Outlaws Republic:

MattTheCelt - Original Outlaw
Manussa & Republic Of Joe - Enforcers
Lord Vescus - Mercenary
Prime Minister Rav - Messenger
EmperorJames - Treasury

Signatures for The Apparatus:

Randalla, Patroness
King Ernie, Director
DarthRevan, Emissary
Phaedron, Professor
Elbryan, Chief Engineer
Conred, General
Amarynth, Propagandist 
BigKif, Speaker of the Assembly[/b][/size]


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[quote name='Dre4mwe4ver' timestamp='1345924080' post='3025233']
I like this!

Thanks. Was the very first sig I ever made. :D

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