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Well...it was a good run!

johnathan buck

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Well, to those who know me. Know in the land of RL, that I'll be going to school here in less than a week for my photography courses.

So this is the last time I will ever log onto the CN forums most likely, since while I'm at school I'm on residence.

To those who helped with NAAC thank you, over the past few months we've gone silent due to real life issues.

I will not be returning to the game after this, I plan on leaving completely since I see no point in staying when I'm logging in every 5 to 15 days.

My shoutouts, well everyone knows who I talk to.

Celtic- Sorry that I couldn't stay longer mate.

James- Was glad to see ya again mate, and good workin with ya again.

To all those who's names escape me at the moment, thank you for well making me feel home, when I came back. I really appreciated it.

I will be going out the same as everyone else pretty well, battling it out. TDO is my target, and those who say the neutrals are easy, haven't faced a TDO nation normally, I give respect to them since I've fought against some of their alliance members in the past.

So with that, I bid the CN community farewell, and hope that the community does recover at some point.

For the last time.


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If I were you I'd keep my nation even if you can only log in every 5 to 15 days, I spend almost one year of my CN career doing it(2008), but if you decide not to good luck in RL, you'll be missed.

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Well since the multi quote decided to not work...

D34th, with school I'll be to busy...two projects a week and then working in photo editing on my off time pretty well. As well my english course being taught by a PHD teacher..who I've talked with already and been told we'll have at least a small test in that class as well.. >.<

Daj, I'll keep in contact over the polaris forums, but other than that I dont know how much time I'll truly have going into a busy program

[quote name='EmperorFrederick' timestamp='1345818475' post='3024889']
You'll be back. I did CN from 2006-2008 and now i'm back! It's magnetic.

I've come back multiple times....I just don't feel at home anymore in the community, which is why I think it's time to move on and go forth with RL.

@Kurdank Auf Wiedersehen, my friend.

@Pickle, you'll have to ask James and Celtic. I'm not sure...


Also TDO's chancellor has attacked me. :D time for fun.

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[quote name='greco' timestamp='1346016501' post='3025472']
Wow dude how could my name have slipped your mind ......



Sorry RR....it had slipped my mind. I'll send you my new number so that you have it, I can text the US and that, so it'll be a good thing.

Anyways I haven't logged in for a bit, for those who want to fully stay in contact pm me and I'll get you my info for contacting me since a few do.

As I said mate (Directed at RR) a few people did slip my mind.

For my full reasoning of leaving CN.

My grandma has Alzheimer's, I'm at college...my grandfather just about died due to a infection he got. So I think it's time to leave the game fully, and well it sucks but I'll stay in. If the mods/admin could keep my account open for at least 15 days after the nation is deleted so that people can pm me contact info so I may stay in contact with them, it would be highly appreciated.

o/ to all former and current NAAC

o/ to all of those in the NpO that I know

o/ to TDO for being great sports when I did log in to my nation

o/ to the CN community for the respect I have received from you guys, I know I screwed up in the past, but I am glad that those who have had past grudges can forgive.

o/ to the admin for keeping the game fully alive while we argue amongst each other.

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Brother Im sorry to hear about your real life issues just stay strong and keep doing good
Your a good dude and I'm a better person for have meeting you I will hit u up with a text later
I wish u the best my friend and I'm proud of you ...


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