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An Offer of WAR!

President Klove

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Attention All Countries. I am offering, to anyone that wants to accept, a volunteer War. You are to enter at your own RISK and understand the RISK of this war. The reason I am doing this is because I will be leaving to boot camp to serve in the Marine Corps and I refuse to have my account deleted upon just inactivity. I want to end my gameplay in the best war ever. Now there are rules to this war...

[b][u][size="5"]War rules[/size][/u][/b]

War will go on for 11 Days.
War is to be started August 23, 2012. It will begin at 00:00 hours. CN TIME!
The first strike will begin at promptly 02:00 hours CN TIME!
The use of Nuclear Weapons is allowed but can not be used [u]until the 6th Day of War[/u]!
The use of Spies is allowed but can not be used [u]until the 5th Day of War[/u]!
Use all the forces you can.
The Nation Strength range to attack a target is [b][i]2,000 NS above or below your target[/i][/b].
All War Declaration Reason are to say [i][u][b]"USMC WAR"[/b][/u][/i]. Anyone who declares without that reason will be considered a [b]rogue[/b] and [u]any nation[/u] will be [u]authorized[/u] to [u]attack[/u] the rogue country.

This war is a cool war, but not to be let down to easy. Go hard or go home. Remember that this war is optional and IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS!

If you are interested, reply to the post stating this info:
[quote]Nation Name:
Nation Link:
Nation Strength:
I, [NAME], do swear that I will go about the rules in a positive way and that this war is not responsible for anything that happens to my country . [/quote]

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