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New Old Player Seeking Alliance

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Ok, so I haven't played CN in about 2 years and it seems the alliances are all different and everything so this is how I'll do this:

Tell me about your alliance and why I should join.

(My old name was Ham Sandwich, I was in some micro-alliance that I now don't remember and never did anything important... but now I feel like actually putting forth some effort and contributing to this world in some way.)

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Greetings Commander. I'm Howlin Mad. I'm from the alliance of Mortal Wombat. Our name alone makes us worth joining.
This is where I tell you how awesome we are as an alliance- we're pretty awesome.
Here I'll tell you about how we'll help you grow your nation- we'll totally help you grow your nation.
Finally this is where I'll tell you about our friendly atmosphere and government positions that are available should you choose to do some work for the alliance- we like to make jokes and stuff. We also have jobs.
Vote for Mortal Wombat.
Take care of yourselves and each other. I've been Howlin Mad. Thank you for listening.

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