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United Kingdom of Mauri


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Government type: Revolutionary, Democratic Capitalisim under a constitutional monarch
Government planned:7/30/12
Government created:8/18/12
Nation Created: not yet. former nation in anarchy and this government is forming in small tribes..
King: King Ulen Tat Tet.
Fuhrer(vice-monarch): Ophall(who also controls most military and foreign affairs)
Representatives in parliament: none, yet. (one per 1,000 citizens)
Alliance Affiliation: New Pacific Order, but no nation is ruled, so this is not yet official.
Revenue money for spending when nation begins: 50,000 dollars. minus 20 dollars from infranstrusture bill, then plus 3 million dollars from aid from a nation whom I will be banking with. All of Deleria's expected income will be transferred to this nation, who will give it to me)

officers: (1 in every 7 soldiers I buy) classified
Soldier and officer pay: unknown
T-34 tanks: 0
M1A1 tanks: 0
Naval vessels: 0
Aircraft: 0


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OK, the government described here is phony! I am here live, as President Ophall of Deleria, reporting that this tribe of nomad terrorists apparently planned to build th e nation's, MY nation's military, then join NPO and declare an alliance to alliance war on IRON. BAD idea, as the cabinet and congess and I have NO interest in a World War 5 or 6. My best, elite troops, are taking care of them. Meaning, as I speak, well, it is classified, Im told, by my top advisory, Dep of HS. However, I will saay that if you view my nation i have 32(62 ) soldiers. The (62) is the real number, the 32 are the Army and police. the other 30 are doing the take-down in Wyoming, where the traitors tried to fleed. BUT HEAR THIS: THE POST ABOVE IS A LIE!

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