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Mortal Wombat Steps in CRAP

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After sniffing around the nether worlds Mortal Wombat stumbles upon A crappy smell, Mortal Wombat decides to follow the smell to see
what it leads to and what it lead to was some awesome CRAP

[b]Wombat Crap Pile Accords[/b]

The Coalition of Royal Allied Powers (CRAP) and Mortal Wombat (MW), having built strong bonds of friendship, enter into this Optional Defense Pact.

I. Sovereignty

CRAP and MW will remain separate sovereign alliances

II. Peace, Aid and Intelligence

-Both CRAP & MW agree to maintain peaceful relations with one another and show no intent of aggression or harm towards one another.

-Both CRAP and MW will make aid, either in the form of cash or tech, available to the other party when requested.

-Should either alliance obtain information vital to the other party, they the former shall bring it to the attention of the latter as soon as possible

III. Optional Defense

-Both CRAP and MW have the right to offer to come to the defense of the other party should they be attacked,; however, they are not required to provide defense

-Should either party deny the offer for defense, the other party will not question the decision

IV. Good Faith

-In the event of an incident causing strain between CRAP and MW, both parties agree to make a good faith effort to resolve the issue before resorting to treaty cancellation.

V. Cancelation/Upgrading

-Should CRAP or MW want to withdraw from this treaty, they must give a 72 hour notice

-After notice of cancellation, the treaty will remain in effect for the duration of those 72 hours. Thereafter, the document will be null and void.

-After 90 days both parties will review this treaty and decide if they wish to upgrade Clause III to a non-chaining mutual defense clause

Signed for MW:
Empress Kiley Goddess of Chaos Realm
Char Aznable (Edward Mass) God of Earth Realm
Demonic God of Outworld
Howlin Mad Demi-God of Chaos

Signed for CRAP:
constapatedape, Triumvir of CRAP
Raistandantilus - Triumvir, Ecumenical Patriarch, The Most Dangerous Game
Chuck Normis ~ Founder/Triumvir of CRAP; aka Almighty Lord Buddha
Lawno, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Token Aussie of The Internet.
HRH Jonathan Webb II - Minister of War/Defense - Defender of the Holy CRAP
Champcardon of Rudostan, Chancellor of the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers

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[quote name='Empress Kiley' timestamp='1345250689' post='3022941']

I brought the cake! Who is bringing the beer?!
i got 6 bottles left to share :(

[quote name='constapatedape' timestamp='1345254402' post='3022957']
I :wub: me some wombats
and for some reason we love crap...maybe it's because we are ferocious animals :lol1:

[quote name='Alexandros o Megas' timestamp='1345264420' post='3023011']
Congratulations to our brothers Mortal Wombats and their friends in CRAP!

/o Mortal Wombat
Thanks man <3

[quote name='Eumirbago' timestamp='1345266193' post='3023034']
This is some good CRAP you got here :awesome:

Congratulations ladies and gents :)

o/ MW
it's the BEST CRAP you've ever seen!

[quote name='King Wally' timestamp='1345278122' post='3023095']

o/ Mortal Wombat
man i'm sad i didn't see that before i posted :(

[quote name='Yuurei' timestamp='1345285336' post='3023106']
Congratulations to our Wombat friends.

o/ MW
thanks man, hopefully we can make another announcement soon *hint hint*

@ everyone else, thanks for the support and hails :)

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Finish him![img]http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/131/900/22304%20-%20crossover%20Friendship%20mortal_kombat%20rarity.jpg[/img]

Edited by wes the wise
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Thanks to all our friends, all of CRAP's friends and everyone else in this thread for the hails and such.
Yay Mortal Wombat!

@ King Wally that picture is awesome-o 4000.
@ Wes the Wise That picture is also awesome-o 4000.

I'm Howlin Mad and I want to leave you with my final thoughts... I'm thinking about making a doctors appointment because one of my balls is looking bigger than the other two.
Be good to yourselves and each other.
Thank you for listening.

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