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Thursday Tribal Tidbit from OMFG

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It is my displeasure to announce that after almost five years of Giant Fighting, the giant known as activity has struck OMFG's tribal camp hard. And we have chosen to disband instead of continuing on like this anymore. We held ourselves under Kill Joy to a high standard of activity and nation building, one which recently we have not been able to keep up with. This is much my fault. I simply didn't have the time to do it. So with that we're going to move on. After 4 and a half years, it's been one heck of a run.

I'd like to thank all our allies over the years, especially our friends in TIO, IRON, and our super close friends in the pillowfort TOP, Gramlins, Basketball Ninjas, and Argent. I wish you guys nothing but success in the future. You were our brothers from another mother. And you made it possible for us to have some fun in the world.

To all the people we warred over the years, especially Sparta, considering you guys are the only ones I got to war since I entered the world, Thanks so much. We enjoyed having someone to use our nukes on,and someone to nuke us back occasionally. Something about a pain fetish.

Lastly thanks to all the OMFG Members over the years, clock, Kage, frosniper, who've all departed, kamadeyaha for showing me OMFG. It's been a good ride buddy. Calzone for helping me with all my infra jumps. It was a goal, bud and one day you'll accept that. All the current members and of course Kill Joy, Jedaye, and Neo Anderson for making the coolest place to chill and get away from things for a couple hours a day, while wearing no pants whatsoever. KJ, you taught me everything i know about cn, and are one of my favorite people around.

So I guess, the only thing left to do is say that the OMFG, and OMFG spirit walk AA's will be under PF, TIO, and IRON protection indefinitely so NO TOUCHEY.

Thanks for the fun, Bob.

OMFG Chieftain

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It is strange to see an alliance that has existed for so long, and a beloved ally disband. Good luck to OMFG as all of you find new homes. It is never easy to lose your home and I respect your decision. It is not an easy one to make. One last o/ OMFG.

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Sad to see this happen :(

Goodluck wherever you guys go....

Edit: Aye, a great alliance says farewell today....

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Ahh man this is sad to see, you guys will be missed. My last hail for OMFG, you are some of the finest citizens of Bob that I know of and this is still a little shocking to see :( Auto, KJ, fellow Æsir countrymen good luck in the future.


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Auto you can't get rid of me this easily!!! But seriously this is one of the saddest days in CN for me :( you guys are so !@#$@#$ cool, it's hard seeing you guys go, i love you guys :wub: . i wish you all the best luck whatever you choose to do from here on out.

Also, /confirm on the TIO indefinitely protecting the [i]OMFG[/i] AA as well as the [i]OMFG Spirit Walk[/i] AA.

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I will never forget having OMFG as a protector, an ally, and a home. It doesn't matter how great of a membership you have for OMFG had one of the best. This can happen to anyone and I hope that I never have to experience losing a great home again. I wish my fellow OMFG mates good luck in finding new homes. What we received from OMFG will stick with us as long as we wander Planet Bob and maybe even longer. Keep in touch!


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I know there were some gripes between us, but I've always thought of you guys as one of the more respectful alliances out there. Sad to see you go and best of luck where ever you all wind up.

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This is a terrible day, and even worse news.

OMFG you have been one of the most upstanding and greatest friends TIO has ever had the pleasure of knowing. May your memories live long into the night and the fruits of your loins continue to blossom in far away lands.

For once what was great, cannot be forgotten.

Its been an honour.

o7 Auto
o7 KJ
o7 The Carebears

P.s. just re-iterating TIO will be protecting the OMFG and OMFG Spirit Walk AAs until further notice.

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[quote name='maladieshie' timestamp='1344552149' post='3020278']
I have nothing but fond memories of working with you guys, and to think, that all those years ago it was a war that brought us together. Don't be strangers, wherever you all end up.

Good times, before my time, but good times. That DOW thread is EPIC.

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