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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way - in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

[center][font=Impact][size=4]6 (six/ˈsɪks/) is the natural number following 5 and preceding 7.[/size][/font][/center]
Greetings friends, enemies, insane people, sane people, ambivalent people, I come to you today to tell you a glorious tale.

[center][b]Two Thousand One Hundred Ninty Three Days: a Brief Tale of Random Insanity[/b][/center]
[center][b]by Shadow[/b][/center]
[center][b]Preamble - 6[/b][/center]
The evolution of our modern glyph for 6 appears rather simple when compared with that for the other numerals. Our modern 6 can be traced back to the Brahmins of India, who wrote it in one stroke like a cursive lowercase e rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Gradually, the upper part of the stroke (above the central squiggle) became more curved, while the lower part of the stroke (below the central squiggle) became straighter. The Ghubar Arabs dropped the part of the stroke below the squiggle. From there, the European evolution to our modern 6 was very straightforward, aside from a flirtation with a glyph that looked more like an uppercase G.

[center][b]Chapter 1 - Random Insanity[/b][/center]
Why do I speak of this number 6 you ask? It was six years ago when residents of another world invaded this planet. Six years ago warriors from the country of Random Insanity on the planet known as GameFAQs rained down upon this world forming which is now known as the Random Insanity Alliance, RI Alliance, or RIA. They came for a purpose, a divine mission. Their prophet, Shadow Legolas (currently known as beefmonger), came down from the heavens and told them of a new world. A world infected by the scourge known as LUE. He told of how warriors from the Life, Universe, and Everything country on GameFAQs had come to this world known as Bob. He used this to unite the clans of Random Insanity with the most famous message - "RI, let us conquer LUE". He told of a war raging on this planet. A war between the 'red team' and the LUE scourge. Thus the soldiers of Random Insanity came together with the plan of helping this 'red team' wipe out the LUE scourge.

It was the message which started it all. Ships were built that very day which brought warriors across the seas of the Interwebs into the Planet of Bob. During this time a man rose up to help build the foundations of Random Insanity on this new world. He was a shy ox, known as Shyox, and later became the first leader of the RIA. The warriors came together and began to create a new tribe - a place of both order and chaos - a new home on this hostile world of Bob. Documents were drafted, flags were created, lots of official ordery stuff occurred but we shall burritos that tale for another time and move on to more interesting events. During these early times - July and August - the alliance was led by a shy ox, assisted by a strange lion known as Leo, international relations were spearheaded by a mysterious moth, military operations controlled by a dragon known as Artema, and all money matters were controlled by a strange being known as a Kloo Shanko. These individuals helped set the foundation of the Random Insanity on the Planet of Bob.

[center][b]Chapter 2 - Life, the Universe and Everything[/b][/center]
After the arrival of the Random Insanity warriors they soon discovered that the 'red team' spoke of in the prophet's tale was in fact a large empire, also from another world, located along the pacific portion of the planet. This empire saw the warriors of Random Insanity as unwelcome guests and banished from their red lands. So the warriors left the empire of pacific to their war against the LUE scourge and wandered until they set up a new home in the nearby maroon lands. Soon after the empire of pacific and the LUE scourge settled their differences and peace rained down upon the land once more. Now without a mission the warriors of Random Insanity began to mingle with their new neighbors in the maroon lands.

However, peace did not last long. For soon the new tribe of Random Insanity came under a dark storm. Members of the LUE scourge soon attacked the great shy ox and others within the tribe. It was at this time the tribe of Random Insanity announced its existence to the world. The leader of the tribe pleaded to the world to assist them against the attacks by the LUE scourge. It was through this global broadcast the tribe learned that these warriors of LUE were in fact a band of radicals hailing from the planet of LUElinks who had left the LUE scourge. With this new information the storm surrounding the tribe began to clear. Warriors from the LUE scourge came and even helped to fight against these radicals. Several other tribes besides the LUE scourge also united to assist the forces of Random Insanity. Warriors of the International Communist Party and the tribe of R.O.C.K. also assisted in the punishing of these radicals. The peacekeeping force of the purple legion also sent aid to the tribe. Thus the LUElinks radicals were defeated and the tribe could flourish once more. It was through these acts the the tribe of Random Insanity began to have a more neutral feeling towards the LUE scourge and some wonded such blasphemous thoughts as 'maybe they aren't as bad as we thought.'

[center][b]Chapter 3 - [color=maroon]Maroon[/color][/b][/center]
After the dark storm had passed, the tribe began to become more and more prosperous. During this time they met another maroon tribe of allied guardians known as TAGA. The two tribes quickly became acquainted and the Random Insanity signed their first treaty - The Insanity Doctrine, a Mutual Defense and Aggression Pact - with their new maroon brothers. Through this a glorious, yet short, friendship was born. The tribe fought their first true war alongside their maroon brothers. A small mercenary tribe known as the War Making Tyrants began to cause trouble through the lands of Bob. The maroon brothers decided they would not allow such war-mongering tyrants to move freely across their lands and launched a coordinated strike against them. The war lasted only three days before the evil tyrants surrendered to the combined forces of the Team Allied Guardians and the Random Insanity. After which they promised to case their war-mongering ways. After their glorious victory, however, the tribe of Allied Guardians entered a period of unrest. They attempt to merge themselves with another tribe but both sides found they could not get along and later split into new tribes, ending the Team Allied Guardians and the Random Insanity's relationship with them. During these times those who led the tribe shifted a small amount. The dragon known as Artema, who had led the tribe's military, disappeared from the world and was replaced by the robot code-name Omega-Red while the banker known as Kloo Shanko was replaced by a cupcake known as Delta. Thus for the next several lunar rotations the alliance entered a brief period of peace and quiet.

[center][b]Chapter 4 - The Great Wars[/b][/center]
At the eve of the Second Solar Cycle of Planet Bob, a new large scale war broke out. The LUE scourge (and assorted tag-alongs) and the pacific empire (and assorted tag-alongs) once again fought against each other. It was a large battle which became known as the Second Great War, the first being the conflict during which the Random Insanity arrived on Bob. During this conflict as the tribe of Random Insanity, as they had no real interest in helping either side, watched as the LUE scourge was beaten back once again. During this Second Great War, a smaller and unconnected conflict raged on. A smaller tribe that the Random Insanity was protecting came under attack from outside forces. The Random Insanity warriors strike back and waged war upon a tribe of dark knights. Victory came swift and the conflict became known as the Grammer War for some strange reason. As this new age began the great Azural replaced the shy ox as leader, a flask replaced the lion as co-leader, the cupcake switched from banking to the military, while an enraged lobster and later a crazy israelie took over banking in the tribe.

This time of peace for the tribe was short lived however as several lunar cycles later a new third Great War erupted pitting together pretty much the same forces that had fought in the previous two. At this time the cupcake had become the leader of the tribe, the crazy israelie became its second-in-command, a zombie took charge of the military, and a cheese enthusiast became the banker. At around the time this new great war occurred the tribe of Random Insanity was having some disputes with a tribe within the pacific empire's influence. A fellow maroon tribe known as the Maroon Defense Coalition. Due to these disputes when the Third Great War erupted the warriors of Random Insanity decided they would fight. A glorious offensive was launched against the Maroon Defense Coalition, a member of The Initiative, the largest alliance of tribes at that time. The warriors of Random Insanity fought well and each side took similar damages. However, the united tribes known as the Aegis could not hold back the Initiative onslaught for long and the war ended in defeat. Due to economic sanctions placed on members of the maroon defense coalition by the tribe's maroon senators the tribe was forced to pay sixty million dollars to the coalition. The senator himself decided to pay off the debt himself, however, to spare the rest of the tribe any loses.

[center][b]Chapter 5 - The Grand Union[/b][/center]
After the conclusion of the Third Great War, the tribe began to rebuild and grow even stronger then before. It was during this time that they met some aroused by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan aquatic neighbors who came from the world of fark. These aquatic neighbors had been caught up in a large Holy War against some neutral shoving order. After this holy war came to an end the Random Insanity came to find it liked these aroused by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan aquatic friends and offered to pay off some of their blood debt to the neutral shoving order and some gey[m]en that were also involved somehow. This helped pave way to a long friendship between the two. During this time period the tribe decided it wanted to stay somewhat independent of the massive mess of a web being formed between the various tribes on Bob. Due to this the tribe began talks with a union of other tribes that maintained an independent stance. It was composed of a confederation of atlantic shadows, a commonwealth of nations, a coalition of the north atlantic, spartans, some templar knights, and some other untied nations. This proved to be a short-lived endeavour, however, as the grand union collapsed nearly one lunar cycle later.

[center][b]Chapter 6 - The SuperFriends[/b][/center]
In the days following the collapse of the grand union, the Random Insanity began to meet with their aquatic neighbors and the confederation of atlantic shadows. These meetings led to the creation of a new alliance between the tribes. They constructed a tower, a hall of justice, and formed a team known as the SuperFriends. This proved to be a defining moment in the tribe's history as the alliance still exists today, though between newer tribes. Shortly after the formation of the hall of justice, a new war broke-out across the planet of Bob. It was the beginning of a new era, a new war different from the great wars of the past. It eventually became known as the unjust war. Before the start of this war the tribe also signed a short-lived defensive agreement with a shroomish tribe though it was never invoked and did not survive the conflict. In a strange series of coincidences the tribe, along with the other members of the hall of justice, joined the unjust highway and fought against the squiggly forces led by the blue polar empire. The SuperFriends fought united against the green global alliance. Much damage was done to the green global alliance but as the Unjust Highway began to collapse the hall of justice settled their dispute by paying a total of sixty million dollars.

After the end of this unjust war the RIA and the hall of justice began to rebuild. A new member joined shortly after as well. An order of darkness was nominated for admittance by the tribe of random insanity. Thus they joined the round table at the hall of justice and remain a member to this day. Sometime after this the Random Insanity met with the poll of the day people who were from the planet of GameFAQs like the Random Insanity. The poll of the day warriors decided to join the Random Insanity tribe making it into the only remaining tribe from GameFAQs due to the destruction of the LUE scourge in the Third Great War.

[center][b]Chapter 7 - Maroonity[/b][/center]
In the months ending the Second Solar Cycle of Planet Bob, the Random Insanity tribe soared to numbers never before seen due to the master recruiter Vintus. It is said that its numbers reached nearly 370 at its peak. However all good things must come to and end and right before the final lunar cycle, the asplosion occurred. With the introduction of a new holy document of the tribe, there occurred a small exodus from the tribe of many prominent individuals who left to a more shroomish tribe. This led to a temporary vacuum of power though it was quickly filled by new individuals who rose to the challenge. This event and the following disappearance of many other tribe members from the world is now known as the great purge as nearly a hundred tribesmen were lost. As the Third Solar Cycle began, some vikings were admitted into the hall of justice and the beginnings of maroonity began with the creation of lol, Maroonity. After this the tribe began a period known as the RIvival in which the stagnation left over from the great purge ended and the blood of the tribe began flowing once again.

During the RIvival a war also began. A secret society known as the illuminati was found to have been plotting against many. Due to this the vikings within the hall of justice coordinated between the hall of justice and the common defense treaty to launch a joint strike to eliminate the secret society. Due to the superior numbers and firepower the secret society was quickly vanquished. As the Third Solar Cycle continued on a new stage in maroonity occured with the signing of the solidarity pact for an allied maroon which united maroon within a optional defense and aggression pact, the boldest step taken within the long unstable lands of maroon. During this period of time a small scale war between the global alliance and those with one vision occurred after which the Random Insanity tribe sent aid to the united sovereign nations. In an unrelated event the tribe also signed a defensive agreement with a group referred to themselves as Element.

[center][b]Chapter 8 - DisOrder[/b][/center]
With the coming of the Third Age came a time of disorder on the planet of Bob. A bond once called unbreakable - between the pacific and polar empires began to crack. As the cracks began to grow the larger the tribe decided to choose a side. In a move that surprised many the tribe signed a defensive pact with the pacific empire on the basis of a friendship between two of the leaders within the tribes. This would pit the tribe against the polar empire which the tribe believed to be more hostile and more of a threat. In the next lunar cycle the army known as R&R joined the hall of justice and the next global war broke out. A coalition was formed against the polar empire and the Random Insanity tribe fought against some siberian tigers, a league of extraordinary nations, and some football players. The pacific empire retained a more tertiary role in this conflict and the coalition was led by a continuum and citadel of tribes. Due to the superior numbers and isolation of the polar empire by the pacific empire the war was won in the end. Despite the hate shared between some of those who planned and fought the war, the tribe maintained no ill will towards its enemies and asked for no terms or reparations from them at the conclusion of the conflict. This later led to the tribe allying with the league of extraordinary nations and its successor state of silence.

In the lunar cycles following it a group of smaller tribes united along side the hall of justice under the banner of the titan tower. This led to a powerful working relationships between the two towers for the next solar cycle. During this time the celestial being tribe also joined ranks with the Random Insanity and a defensive pact was signed with the spartans. In the ending lunar cycle of the Third Solar Cycle, the final step in the path towards maroonity was finally completed. The maroon lands were finally united under the banner of the chestnut.

[center][b]Chapter 9 - Karma[/b][/center]
The Fourth Solar Cycle was a period of great upheaval for the Planet of Bob. The beginning lunar cycles saw the preparation for the great war of karma. During the first lunar cycle the one archein joined the hall of justice. Following this a bastion was formed alongside the entente of viridian and the vikings in the hall of justice while defensive pacts were etched out between the overlanders of the 57th, the league of united defense, and the nemesis. Another lunar cycle later the apocalypse and ascended republic of elite states joined up in the titan tower. After all this the great upheaval began. The pacific empire lunched a surprise attack on the green order sparking which would later be known as the war of karma. This war led to the great overthrow of the pacific order and the break-up of its continuum of tribes. During this war of karma the Random Insanity fought against a echelon, some rubber duckies, and some other vikings. Eventually the combined tribes of Karma were victories over the the allied tribes of the pacific leading to a new age of uncertainly.

The following cycles saw the holding of a legendary tea party with another union of tribes and later the sad maroon split which saw the united sovereign nations burritos the banner of chestnut. During this time the tribe also signed a defensive pact with the maroon commonwealth of nations and later saw them become a member of the hall of justice. it was also during this time that the previously mentioned silent successor state to the league of extraordinary nations was formed and forged a close alliances with the tribe of Random Insanity. The Roots of Yggdrasil also later joined under the banner of the titan tower. Near the end of the fourth age the tribe also began to do defense business with a newly formed corporation of friends.

[center][b]Chapter 10 - Bipolar[/b][/center]
The beginning of the fifth solar cycle saw the start of a new global war, a time of confusion for many, and the formation of a number of new grudges and rivalries. The war which came to be known as bipolar began during the beginning of this cycle. It began with the polar empire launching an assault on those it saw as immoral. This led to the Random Insanity fighting against numerous purple tribes aligned with the polar empire. This proved to be short lived however when the war shifted with the paradoxical strike against the tribal complaining union. This led to the polar empire and its allies mostly withdrawing or switching sides and a new offensive against the paradoxical forces began. In this new phase of the war the Random Insanity fought a tough battle against the order of light and the dragons of argent. Eventually the paradoxical forces were defeated ending this strange bipolar war and setting into effect a new chain of events which would greatly effect the future.

[center][b]Chapter 11 - The Best of Times, the Worst of Times[/b][/center]
The sixth solar cycle of Planet Bob saw both the tribe become one of the twelve chosen tribes of Bob and also a tragic war which tore apart the Hall of Justice. The best of times began when the tribe achieved the famed sanction status, a status it had been attempting to gain since the LUE scourge had achieved it many cycles ago. With it one of the flags of the tribe was submitted to be an official tribal symbol. During this same period, however, the worst of times began when the entente of virdian attacked the polar empire. A series of tragic events led the vikings in the hall of justice to be split from the rest of the hall which caused much internal strike. During this conflict the tribe of Random Insanity was split between both sides. It was forced to fight both the seaworthy boxes that the tribe once respected, the imperial assault empire, the global alliance, and the exodus. The end of the conflict saw the vikings burritos the hall of justice they had called home for many cycles and go out on their own. The cycles following the end of the conflict led to a few new friendships. A pact of friendship and aid was drafted between the tribe and the iron oranges and a new relationship was forged with ex-vikings advocating nuclear proliferation.

[center][b]Chapter 12 - Grudges[/b][/center]
The end of the solar cycle saw the beginning of another war, one forged from the grudges of the past two. A coalition of vikings formed to take down the hall of justice while the paradoxical forces took their revenge on the polar empire. This led to the tribe of random insanity fighting the vikings it had once fought long ago in the war of karma, the germans, and some other small superpowers. It proved to be a tough war which the hall of justice eventually lost. With their grudges satisfied the vikings split their separate ways and the hall of justice began to rebuild.

[center][b]Chapter 13 - Present[/b][/center]
The seventh solar cycle quickly saw the escalation of a new conflict against the hall of justice and its friends. A war started by strange shrooms worshiping a being known only as dave. This war has brought down a force of unwelcome people and nuclear fire on the tribe. This conflict is still ongoing and we spend our birthday celebrations under the bright fireworks of war!

[center][b]The End... for now![/b][/center]
I see a beautiful alliance and a brilliant people rising from this abyss, and, in their struggles to be truly free, in their triumphs and defeats, though long to come, I see the evil of this time and of the previous time of which this is the natural birth, gradually making expiation for itself and wearing out.


- The RIA's oldest active treaty is the TTK-RIA Non-Aggression Pact signed on October 26, 2006!
- The RIA's first treaty was the Insanity Doctrine, a Mutual Defense and Aggression Pact, with the Team Allied Guardians Alliance!
- The RIA maintains six active treaties with the Coalition of Royal Allied Powers - a NAP, a PIAT, a ODP, a ODoAP, a MDP, and a MDoAP!
- The lol, Maroonity bloc, with RIA and CRAP as its only remaining signatories, mandates that "no signatory alliance shall raise arms against a fellow signatory or its allies"!
- The RIA is currently on its 50th government cabinet with its 51st starting next month!
- Despite being close allies since August 2008 the RIA and R&R have yet to sign an individual treaty!
- The RIA has been a signatory of the Green Protection Agency's Declaration of Neutrality since December 2006!
- The RIA never officially made a declaration of existence and kept itself a secret for the first couple weeks of its formation!
- The RIA held no mutual defense treaties between September 2006 and July 2007!
- The RIA-RIA War has never officially ended and is only now in a ceasefire!

[b]Shout Outs![/b]

Now let us remember those who have helped us become who we are over the years.

First our treaty partners!

o/ Ascended Republic of Elite States
o/ Coalition of Royal Allied Powers
o/ Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations
o/ Farkistan
o/ Global Order of Darkness
o/ Independent Republic of Orange Nations
o/ New Polar Order
o/ New Sakura Order
o/ Nuclear Proliferation League
o/ R&R
o/ Sparta
o/ The Templar Knights
o/ United Sovereign Nations

Second, our former treaty partners!

o/ 57th Overlanders
o/ Aeon
o/ Alliance of Powerful Penguinz
o/ Apocalypse
o/ Armed Coalition of Valor
o/ Arrow of Chiron
o/ Asgaard
o/ Atlantic Shadow Confederation
o/ Atlantis
o/ Auxiliary Army
o/ Bel Air
o/ Blatantly Awesome Coalition of Nations
o/ Cat Land
o/ Celestial Being (1st)
o/ Confederation of Organized Nations
o/ Confederation Of Radical Elites
o/ Cronus
o/ Element
o/ Elite Guardians of Peace
o/ Elitist Global Superstructure
o/ Fellowship of Unified Nations
o/ Forte
o/ Frontline Formation Coalition
o/ Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
o/ Global Democratic Alliance
o/ Goon Order of Neutral Shoving
o/ Gotham
o/ Grand Central Agency
o/ Greenland Republic
o/ Hegemony of Periphery States
o/ HeroesOfGaming (3rd)
o/ Imperial Assault Alliance (1st)
o/ Imperium Romanum
o/ Indigo Defense Force
o/ International Communist Party
o/ International Protection Agency
o/ International States of Solidarity and Freedom
o/ Klingon Empire
o/ Knights of the Imperial Cross
o/ League of Extraordinary Nations
o/ League of Shadows Treaty
o/ League of United Defense
o/ LUEnited Nations
o/ Maroon Confederation of Allied Nations
o/ Maroon Defense Coalition
o/ Maroon Revolutionaries Alliance
o/ Monos Archein
o/ Mushroom Kingdom
o/ Nemesis
o/ New Pacific Order
o/ Norden Verein
o/ North Atlantic Defense Coalition
o/ Northern Treaty Organization
o/ Novus Orbus
o/ Oblivion
o/ Order of Feudalistic Security
o/ Overclockers UK
o/ O_o
o/ People's Front of Judea
o/ PoTD Alliance
o/ Ragnarok
o/ Rapture
o/ Relentless Resistance Alliance
o/ Republic of Allied Defenses
o/ RI Nation
o/ Silence
o/ Socialistic Empire
o/ Sol
o/ Soldiers of Legion
o/ Soldiers of Liberty
o/ SOS Brigade
o/ Spootland-Phantom Alliance of Allied Allies
o/ Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies
o/ Team Allied Guardians Alliance
o/ The Angelic Sanctuary
o/ The Brain
o/ The Corporation
o/ The Eagle Nebula
o/ The Four Horsemen
o/ The Goa'uld Empire
o/ The Immortals
o/ The International
o/ The Last Remnants
o/ The Order of Halsa
o/ The Order of Righteous Nations
o/ The Other Side
o/ The Phoenix Collective
o/ The Realm
o/ The Republic (2nd)
o/ The Shadow Accord
o/ The Shadow Confederacy
o/ The Shadow Confederacy Empire
o/ The Unitican Empire
o/ The Unitican Federation
o/ Through Yggdrasil's Roots (1st)
o/ Through Yggdrasil's Roots (2nd)
o/ Troy (1st)
o/ Union of Integrated National Entities
o/ United Defense Contractors
o/ United Pastafarian Alliance Coalition
o/ Viridian Entente (2nd)
o/ Western Intelligence Inquisition
o/ Zombieland
o/ \m/ (1st)

Third, those we've fought!

o/ Argent
o/ Echelon
o/ Eclipsis
o/ Exodus
o/ Federal Domestic Agency
o/ Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
o/ Grand Global Alliance
o/ Hydra
o/ Illuminati
o/ Imperial Assault Alliance (2nd)
o/ League of Extraordinary Nations
o/ League of Small Superpowers
o/ Maroon Defense Coalition
o/ Nations Fighting Together
o/ Nebula-X
o/ Non Grata
o/ Nordreich (2nd)
o/ Nuclear Fire
o/ OTF Alliance
o/ Quantum
o/ Republic of Dark Knights
o/ Rubber Ducky Division
o/ Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes
o/ Siberian Tiger Alliance
o/ The German Empire (2nd)
o/ The Order of Light
o/ United Purple Nations
o/ Valhalla
o/ Virtuoso
o/ War Making Tyrants

...and last but not least...

All current and former members of the RIA!

All curent and former government members of the RIA!




Grand Duke Zachary
King of the Bongo
Goddess jess
Snowbound Milk
the decimator
Mr Monday
Fire Angel
King Dan K
Shadow Slayer
James Dahl
Ericsaurus Rex
Thunder Strike
Lord Kookus
Shin One
Kim JongIl
Emperor abcd
Great Lord, Moth
Mechanical Pirate
Agent Lemon
world trade nation
Ethan Saw
Arsenal 10

- [url="http://rialliance.net"]http://rialliance.net[/url]







1. [url="http://z15.invisionfree.com/Cyber_Nations/index.php?showtopic=78030"]http://z15.invisionf...showtopic=78030[/url]
2. [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=29049"]http://forums.cybern...showtopic=29049[/url]
3. [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=64247"]http://forums.cybern...showtopic=64247[/url]
4. [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=89597"]http://forums.cybern...showtopic=89597[/url]
5. [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=103866"]http://forums.cybern...howtopic=103866[/url]
6. ???
7. PROFIT![/center]

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[quote name='9dj12' timestamp='1343089087' post='3013893']
ARES still has allies?

yes they do.

reading over our history has reminded me of many fond events and old friends long since gone from this planet.

to those who have left us, those still with us today and those who have yet to come i salute you o/

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