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URGENT: Sword Alliance D.O.W. on DH/C&G & Allies

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Today, at 6:04 PM, was the exact time that DH/C&G & Allies lost the war. We have been attacked by a GOONS member called neo urk. We will not look back. We hereby declare a state of war with DH/C&G & Allies. We are now involved in the Dave War. We will, however, retract this D.O.W. if GOONS presents credible evidence that neo urk is "ghosting" as a member of GOONS. But as of now, we are at war. You remember what I said in my earlier post? Well, I ALSO stated that I would join the Dave War if I was attacked. And I just got attacked. So lets go crush DH/C&G & Allies!

EDIT: We have finally decided that we are now at a State of War with Nordreich. Happy hunting to all S.A. nations!

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[quote name='Emperor Marx' timestamp='1342748420' post='3012410']
How about you stop trying to get in the way of a good story.
Had enough laughs from the gga thread personally, and really this is just sad imo, but meh, peanut gallery needs as much comedy as it can get I suppose.

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