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Our histories run deep. Our traditions stand strong, our will... unbreakable. From the heights of Mount Olympus, The Emerald Isle of Éire and the embattled lands of the Viking come forth a new entity. An entity steeped with traditions and friendships that have intertwined closely throughout time. An entity that combines the hearts and souls of some of the greatest alliances that have ever graced Planet Bob and one that will tirelessly defy anyone who dares to infringe upon its sovereignty.

The merging of BAPS, Olympus and Valhalla is a testament to the friendship and collaboration of our alliances. We are alliances who are dedicated to our communities and allies, Alliances that believe in each and every one of its members and take great interest in the health of one another. Combining our efforts eases the load that rests on the shoulders of our strong and dedicated leaders. Combining our efforts will also allow us all to focus on the reasons why we have continued to make Planet Bob our home.

We hereby declare our existence. We will protect current members in the Alliance Affiliations of "Valhalla", "Olympus" and "Boards Alliance of Protectorate States" until further notice. Recruiting from these AA's is strictly prohibited. The treaties that we all three share will remain in place along with each and every one of our protectorates. All other treaties have been converted to 30 day Optional Defense Pacts.

[size=5][b]Anarchy Inc.[/b][/size]

We the people of Anarchy Inc, put forth this charter for the purpose of protection, guidance and growth of our nations. Anarchy Inc. is founded upon the wisdom, strength and prosperity of its forefathers and hereby incorporates that which made us strong individually into a united entity that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Triumvirate is charged with the responsibility of charting our course and with leading us on that path. The Triumvirate’s duties include but aren't limited to the signing of treaties and the declaration of wars. Triumvirs serve until resignation or removal. Removal of a triumvir requires a 75% Vote of No Confidence by the standing Council. Triumvir are appointed by the Triumvirate and ratified by the membership. A Triumvir may not run for a Council position.

[size="3"][b]The Council[/b][/size]
The Council consists of four Ministers. These ministers control the day-to-day functions of Anarchy Inc.
The Minister of Internal Affairs[/b] is charged with forum administration, applicants, membership levels, administering votes other than Council elections and internal communication with members.
[b]The Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b] is charged with being a public face of the alliance, maintaining communication with allies and others, briefing the membership on happenings outside of the alliance and bringing treaties up for discussion.
[b]The Minister of Finance[/b] is charged the growth and maintenance of our economic strength.
[b]The Minister of Defense[/b] is charged with the organization of our military as well as the strengthening and training of our member nations.

Ministers may appoint or dismiss Deputies and delegate duties as needed. Deputies are not considered government level positions. A Minister can be removed by a unanimous vote of the Triumvirate. If a council seat is vacated during a term the position will be filled by a Triumvir or Triumvirate appointment until the end of the term.

[size="3"][b]Council Election Procedure[/b][/size]
Council elections are administered by the Triumvirate and shall begin on the 10th day of each quarter (January, April, July, October) and consist of these stages.
First is a 24-hour Nomination period in which qualified Members may nominate themselves or others. Each nomination shall require 2 other Members to sign the nomination in order to proceed.
Nominees who obtained the required signatures will then have 24 hours to post their platforms.
All members have 48-hours in which to pose questions to the nominees.
Voting on candidates will begin after the Question and Answer stage closes and last for 48 hours.
Candidates must receive more than 50% of the vote to be declared the winner. If no candidate receives the minimum votes, there will be a 24-hour run-off vote between the 2 candidates who receive the most votes. If the run off vote is a tie after 24 hours the vote will continue for an additional 24 hours.

[size="3"][b]The Membership[/b][/size]
Membership in Anarchy Inc. is broken down as follows.
[b]Applicants[/b] have expressed an interest in joining Anarchy Inc. and are currently working their way through the application process. They have limited forum access and no voting rights.
[b]Prospects[/b] have full forum access but no voting rights in Council elections. For promotion to Member, a Prospect must meet the criteria set out by Internal Affairs.
[b]Members[/b] have full forum access, voting rights and may stand as Deputies. They may seek election to Council once they have reached 90 days seniority as a Member. Members may petition the council to begin a Vote of No Confidence against a Triumvir.
[b]Mentors[/b] are a subset of the Members. They have full forum access as well as access to a Government discussion forum. They have full voting rights, and may run for Council or stand as deputies. Mentor status is not a permanent appointment.

[size="3"][b]Amending the Charter[/b][/size]
A petition to amend the charter supported by 10 Members will lead to a Triumvirate vote on the amendment. Should that vote be passed a discussion period of one week shall be held, followed by a vote from the membership. A simple majority will decide whether the change is adopted.

Ratified and Incorporated on this day, July the 7th 2012 by:

[b]queenhaillee[/b] - [color=#800080]Triumvir[/color]
[b]Nobody Expects[/b] - [color=#800080]Triumvir[/color]
[b]TRON IX[/b] - [color=#800080]Triumvir[/color]

[u][b]Interim Council:[/b][/u]
[b]jraenar[/b] - [color=#800080]Minister of Defense[/color]
[b]EmperorBadger[/b] - [color=#800080]Minister of Finance[/color]
[b]Lord Levistus[/b] - [color=#800080]Minister of Internal Affairs[/color]
[b]ThePansy[/b] - [color=#800080]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/color]

o/ Valhalla o/ BAPS o/ Olympus o/ Anarchy Inc.

We invite each and every one of you to join with us in the celebration of our pasts and a toast to our new beginning. We can be found via the web at [url="http://anarchyinc.org/"]http://anarchyinc.org[/url] or on IRC on coldfront at #anarchyinc

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Let the world Tremble!

The Empire of Chyrellos is pleased to announce it has opened a subsidiary branch of Anarchy Inc. We now offer land reclamation and infrastructure removal services at great rates!

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