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Final Valhalla Announcement

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In 2007, a few brave norse warriors from the Legion struck out to forge their own path and destiny. In the frozen realms of their home they created a new arena for the lovers of war on Bob.... [b]Valhalla[/b]. Since that cold day in February of 2007 when the vikings left The Legion, they strove to create an alliance of brothers and sisters who shared a common love of kinship, friendship and battle. In our smoke filled halls lie the battle standards of many fallen foes, and memorials of the 15 wars we have participated in. Most were won, some were lost, yet all glorious. To our friends over these long years we offer our thanks for their aid and support. To our foes in battle we offer our thanks for the good times and glory we had together.

Alas, nothing on this world can ever can truly last forever. After five years, three months and ten days, the gates of Valhalla will close. While this may mark a bittersweet moment in the history of our time here on Bob, we cannot help but feel proud of everything we have accomplished as an alliance. Through the course of our time in this world, we have held to the ideals of our founders. To be an alliance that forged its own path and bowed to no one and put its friends before its nation strength.

There are far too many individuals to thank for our success. Attempting to list them would be futile. We would however like to commend those alliances who have stood by us at one time or another by stepping forth and signing their names to a piece of Valhalla's History..

[b]The Order of Righteous Nations, United Purple Nations, The Order of the Black Rose, \m/, Crimson Sun Empire, Siberian Tiger Alliance, Vanguard, Sparta, Goon Order Of Neutral Shoving, North Atlantic Defense Coalition, The Legion, The Sentries of all Things Purple, Ordinary Men Fighting Giants, Invicta, Avenguard Crusade, Poison Clan, Elysium, United Sovereignty of Nations, Federal Defense Force,Holy Order,Defensive Mutually-Friendly Alliance, The Templar Knights, Multicolored Cross-X Alliance,New Polar Order, The Order of the Paradox, Monos Archein, Rising Sun Federation, Grand Global Alliance, Ragnarok, Nebula-X, LoSS, Olympus, Old Guard, Lords of War, Order of the Four Leaf Clover, Tempest, The Phoenix Federation, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, FOK, Molon Labe, Gramlins, Mostly Harmless Alliance, Kronos, Hydra, Rainbow Federation, theZoo, Cerberus, Exodus, XXXXXXXXXX (redacted, secret verbal treaty), AOD Brigade, iFOK, SNAFU, The New Guy, Nueva Vida, The Dark Templar, Asgaard, Nordreich, BAPS, North American Confederacy, Rebels of The North, The Shadow Empire, Independent Republic of Orange Nations,[/b]

Last but not least, The Alliance that gave us our start. Who protected us in our DoE, took us under its wing, helped us to survive our first turbulent year on planet Bob and made Valhalla possible...
[b]The New Pacific Order.[/b]

It’s been a long road to travel. But it does not end here. While Valhalla may be passing into the history books, the men and women who made it up will be moving to fresh new lands and expanding our inner circle of friends. We look forward to what the future holds and leave no regrets of the past. Each and everything that we've done or has happened to us has helped to create what we are today and we couldn't be more proud of it.

While the Alliance of Valhalla will be no more, we will carry forth our history and our dedication to success to forge a new path with our closest friends and allies.

The status of our treaties will be outlined in the DoE of the new alliance that shall carry our legacy. The protection of the Valhalla AA will begin simultaneously along with the DoE. Current nations flying the AA of Valhalla will be under the protection of our new Alliance until further notice. The cessation and subsequent merger of Valhalla will officially commence when the clock strikes 0:00 on Saturday the 7th of July and last until The Halls of Valhalla call upon its mighty warriors once again.

Thanks to all of you, friend or foe. You have all made our tenure on Bob an incredible experience.

Have one last mug of Mead on us.


o/ Valhalla

[b]TRON IX[/b] - Regent
[b]Lord Levistus[/b] - Vice Regent
[b]B1gAlMan[/b] - Marshal
[b]Lazarus [/b]- Security Consul
[b]Vixen[/b] - Chancellor
[b]Keshav[/b] - Emissary

We No Fatta

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A toast to an awesome alliance. May the songs of sovengard sing of its memory.

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Ill post something more formal later but for now all I have to say is

o/ Valhalla

I poured my heart and soul into her and she was a boat whom sailed true for a long time. May she rest in the peace she deserves while we move onto bigger and better things...

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[quote name='Rampage3' timestamp='1341634884' post='3005475']
Mad love for my Valhallans.

As long as there is war, there will be VALHALLA.


Truer words have never been spoken.

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