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Cat Scratch Fever

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As per the Classy Cat Accords LoSS is coming to the defense of our friends and allies in GATO.

Lets P8nt these boys with some nukes!!

LoSS hereby declares war on MHA.

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[quote name='King Ernie' timestamp='1341290582' post='3002269']
o/ MHA

That would be a surrendering MHA nation with its hands up \o/ but unfortunately LoSS already blew one of the arms off.

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Oh Distengulkthuth, Sister-Bride of Uhl-Thuk
And Lover of Penslithmafilthnag and Brenth-Mulp,
Consort of Seschip-Laxnut and Punthipfor and Skuldragoth,
Concubine of Flemp and Sustakrishnot and Winthipnash,
Seducer of Duldeth-manemnot-pogakrem-melekalikimaka-pennoiboltch-steb,
And girlfriend of Chad and the Hypobarmian army,
Hear my humble supplication and may my offering
Of a ten-day-dead goat's entrails
Be in good odor with your puissant presence.
I have long suffered at his hands and glance of stern indifference,
And hope it is not too much to ask that I receive
Annually a frilly valentine addressed to me personally.
I ask this in thy TRUE name, which it is death to utter
You are there for me to relieve my distension,
you comfort me after I ingest those greesy treats.
You are loud,yet gentle with a mild discharge,
a discharge so sweet,that reigns in my throat.
Oh burp,oh burp,my upper eruptions are defined by you,
my lower eruptions,the great farts,are nothing,
nothing but a poor excuse for a burp.
As you make way through my bowel,guided by your density,
as you explode upon encountering the rigid pharynx,
making me drool and giving my tongue the ability to trill,
I value the every molecule of your gaseous body.
Oh burp,oh burp,it is you,and only you.
I yearn for the moment to drink a big gulp,
without a single breath,without a second of rest,
to witness your formation in my unworthy gastric cavity,
to feel you emerge through my insides,
I will close my eyes as you make my lips say that one word,
your name,your sound,your essence.
Deliciously traversing the gas station,
I find my blibbly eye
Rolling around a Gestapo pie.
If my is then, why?
Ginkgo Biloba, goom.
Goom, for the Reynolds family,
and for their house dog, Philip,
Whom I have recently consumed in a fit of depression.
If not for my depression,
I'm sure I would have found him giggly.
Where art my fribblesnatchits?
Fie, for I have none,
But there! What gonders that?
A little tongue-shaped gnat.
Smashingly, I tooth his face,
Wetzel, like a pretzel.
Dost thou prefer shakazinthroop or mirkzowblies?
Shakazinthroop bequeath putrid glirbupoxes,
when heated by perkinzytugs of Buklorpadeen,
whilst mirkzowblies expectorate berzonvik hoo-peegs,
but not necessarily, sometimes they just ploog.

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