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Herding Cats

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[center] 2012 Vogon Poetry Contest?

It's that time of year again on Bob! Accepting all submissions from the best of the worst poets in the universe.


And as always, there are reasons why Hitchhikers gear up for this ear bleeding event.

To hitchhike around planet Bob takes a lot of courage and mettle. You never can tell who you'll meet along the way, where you're going to sleep at night, or even where your next meal may come from. To hitchhike across the galaxy takes a big dose of crazy, a dash of guile, and remembering to bring your towel. We have some members who’ve hitchhiked to the restaurant at the end of the universe


and back to Bob more than a few times and others who are on setting out on their first adventure.

That being said we have a code of honor amongst all who choose this vagabond lifestyle. A Hitchhiker will always come to the aid of a friend in need. See a need, fill a need, be a friend indeed. Corny? Yes. Cheesy? Absolutely.


But our members are a hoopy and froody bunch who really have no “Grievances,” nor “Complaints,”
about other alliances we have interacted with during our travels around Bob. Even when people are insistent on blaring the “Doom” song on repeat over the past year or so, rather than drug ourselves up by eating bad ‘shrooms or calling a goon squad to shoot up the radio, we much rather party into the night.

[img]http://www.demotivationalposters.org/image/demotivational-poster/small/1105/hansel-and-gretel-hansel-gretel-mario-mushroom-demotivational-posters-1305128818.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.motifake.com/image/demotivational-poster/small/0808/sexy-sloth-goonies-demotivational-poster-1218284213.jpg[/img]

One of our favorite places to party? A place where we can always count on some quality rest and relaxation.


Unfortunately, our beach of choice appears to be overrun by a recent infestation of furry felines (strange because its so close to water). Thankfully many of our members have had their fair share of herding various animals in lieu of payment for hitchhiking. It’s time to throw on the chaps, thick leather gloves, and herd some cats.

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=278yx7-niLU"][size="5"][color="#0000FF"]Herding Cats[/color][/size][/url]

MHA activates [b]Article III: Don't mess with my Hammock![/b] (Mutual Defense clause) from [b][i]The Mostly Harmless R&R Accords[/i][/b] for our friends at R&R to start throwing wet towels on those GATOians. GATOween is coming early for us all, friends! ;)[/center]

P.S. Hi TimLee and Dre4m ;)

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[quote name='Julia Rose Vicious' timestamp='1341026280' post='3000288']
... [obviously important stuff goes here] ...
P.S. Hi TimLee and Dre4m ;)
[10:19pm] Julia_Rose_Vicious: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=111913
[10:19pm] Dre4m: <3 Julia_Rose_Vicious
[10:19pm] Dre4m: I WAS MENTIONED
[10:19pm] Julia_Rose_Vicious: love you guys
[10:19pm] Julia_Rose_Vicious: <3333
[10:19pm] Dre4m: Everyone shut up. This is my moment.
[10:20pm] Julia_Rose_Vicious: lol

o/ MHA

Thank you for joining us for yet another dance.

Edit: Should probably add more.

Edited by Dre4mwe4ver
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Interesting tactic here. I wonder how this will pan out for you. Would have been an interesting match up. But based on your historical results and the blitz you've managed this far. This match up dissapoints.

GATO enjoy the free tech. ;)

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Fnorkel purrs to thy gribbling wheezes,
Thy fervulent glorps, thy schmalcendent sneezes;
Fnorkel giggles at the gurpiest of fnorks,
Fnorkelish fnorks, and rapschilious sporks;
The purplified lost souls of poinks.

Thy peeling grawps offend my delicate xylophone of spam,
Yet I find my begurpled soul letting loose a barbaric YAWP
As Fnorkel continues to purr, and sneeze,
At thy defunkdified churgle.

Oh, blood-red eyes and tentacles!
Throbbing, pulsing ventricles!
Mucus-oozing pores, and frightful misquotes!
Pardon my infin/SPLIT/itive, while I recover
From glurfishly poor attempts to poke
Small, fninkel-wrought porks into Lewis Carroll poetry.

Like a summer throughout which all of my
Fninkle-flavored ice-cream-cones
Melt with a glurpssshhhhiiiiiiinkish sound.
While I snorfingly attempt to lick them!

Prarg, thou turgly blunge did splurt
And flurged the obious gungerwurt.
In splomious geep the wargly turb
did trunge the ibnorious fobleberb
Wup! the flarmy orblesnarp wargeth,
transidoniously the trundlenorp splargeth.
But yea! the frappious hoobledrorg is gone
O blarg, o blarg, killed by a scone!
And yet the splantaneous phleg still plorgs
In World Wide Web and cybersporgs.
O speckled froth of gleebthung
I sing your praises grepaciously!
This fraxid toik of your frewishness...
Gleps my unprunching haloi!
So herked, so pointily herked,
I stand now before your brezalnigs!

Do you frequent peorious grancks?
Does your globule slowly renarp?
Oh Q-tip of magnofious nubfizz!
I fear we may never truly know your oimishness.
I hate your toenails.
...but Frag! WHere's my liquid paper?
And when the bestials have knotted froeshness,
Then will be wilted pickle have moral worth,
Nebblesnatchitednessly as I munch upon its tangy somethingness.
This is where the deal goes bad

TL:DR Have fun and have a good war.

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[quote name='bakamitai' timestamp='1341026858' post='3000303']
OK so it's been six minutes, and three MHA nations have declared five wars (hi JRV!).

Great blitz guys. :lol1:

Clearly we're so awesome we don't need to blitz.

[quote name='SoADarthCyfe6' timestamp='1341026970' post='3000305']
Finally. Maybe this will drag RnR out of Peace Mode and I will finally be nuked after 10 days of war.

Best of luck to MHA, you're going to need it.

Oh man. You're in GATO now? I'm glad I'm not in your range.

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[quote name='wolfbrother1' timestamp='1341027245' post='3000310']
TL:DR Have fun and have a good war.

You should have put more effort into your wall of text then in your blitz... oh wait.

[quote name='Katamaristan' timestamp='1341027330' post='3000311']
Oh man. You're in GATO now? I'm glad I'm not in your range.

Well, considering I've been in GATO for 611 days, yes, I am in GATO. And why are you glad I'm not in your range? I like having a larger nation to throw around.

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