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A Phoenix Federation Announcement

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[quote name='suryanto tan' timestamp='1340322754' post='2992267']
Helping your friend beating up the poor guy in a relatively easy war? Seriously, what are you damn so proud about? You make no achievement here. Any honor and victor come out of this war, they are not yours to claim.

Come quick to the rescue of your allies who are in dire needs of your help, defend them in a difficult war, that will be something to be proud about.

Are you really helping the alliance who once stomp you every other months? Have you chosen to give up the fight against the Karma and MK and decided to side with them as one of their clown?

Sorry for the harsh comments, but as someone who still love you guys alot, this is necessary.

Also, hi Kenny!!
Who said anything about a war here?

Congratulations to my Brothers in TPF. May you continue on your upward journey.

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[quote name='suryanto tan' timestamp='1340323476' post='2992277']
My bad. Lol. Sorry.. i am confused to see your war flag.
[/quote]hehe you made me reread the OP to make sure I read it correctly but I see how that could have confused you.

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[quote name='Atanatar' timestamp='1340321343' post='2992231']
Congratulations! Can't wait to see you guys in #Farkistan :D
TPF and Fark getting along?


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Congrats for my old friends on TPF :wub:

Old saying 'Performance is temporary but class is permanent' really suits you guys. Been up and down, but you guys always stand up and proud :)

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