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[center]Emperor: Lord Caparo
Regent: Lord Bitburg
Overlord: Suryanto Tan

Minister of Finance: Jeff123
Minister of Defence: Black Orchid
Advisor of Defence: gantanX
Mistress if Internal Affairs: Collegekid13[/center]

We would also like to use this Announcement to announce that we have our first honory member, D Vibianto of Nusantara Elite Warriors!

And heres cake:


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[quote name='xoindotnler' timestamp='1340291229' post='2991840']
Nah just the shortest MoIA ever.

[quote name='Jonathan Brookbank' timestamp='1340300811' post='2991962']
Good for you guys. I was worried you wouldn't heed the warnings of myself and the rest of the world.

To be fair, I wasn't aware I wasn't the MoIA anymore until I saw this.

Edited by Rotavele
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[quote name='K1L1On1Mr4' timestamp='1340343189' post='2992488']
May i queue for next honorary member please?

KasKus :wub:

Can you be as cool as Vibi? :wub:

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