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The Amazing Sanction Race


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I think those numbers are rather misleading, since they don't seem to exclude aid not sent as part of tech deals.

I'll see if I can get some better data to post up soonish.


You realize that would mean that 9/600 is an underestimation of what you guys do for tech deals right? 

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Since I promised I would, here's some graphs I threw together on this stuff.

The data is for nations which have both sent tech and received money, partially because that seems like a reasonable filter to remove non-tech-deals, and partially because I don't want to have to deal with divisions by zero. The data are from between 16 days ago and 46 days ago.







A few alliances are afflicted with outliers, like the MI6 guy who apparently traded at a 6m/2200T rate during the period. I'll filter out these outliers from my data and post graphs for those AAs later, perhaps. Or I might get lazy.

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Some insights into exploitation of new nations:

Well I'm glad you cherry picked the worst month of late to show us this. As the world knows we had an extra aid slot in June, so we encouraged all Tech Sellers to backload by sending tech in advance. One of the Advantages of an automatic system is that we can track how much we owe our sellers if they do that.

Another advantage is that we can do fancy things like front-loading, automatic wonder aid approvals, and managing peoples builds so they spend more time in the wonder buying zone and less at 0-3999 infra. Add to that some solid bankers, which we are not alone in using, in fact we got the idea from IRON.

If you actually look at the aid we have sent/received since we started front-loading we get the following.

Sent Cash / Received Tech * 100 = Amount paid per 100T
$33,910,750,645 / 1,256,182 * 100 = 2,699,509.36

So, our bankers take 300k off our standard 6/200 or 9/300 deals on average.
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