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Dragons riding ponies

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[img]http://i1245.photobucket.com/albums/gg595/fallacious_newt/newargent.jpg?t=1337899330[/img] [img]http://i1245.photobucket.com/albums/gg595/fallacious_newt/newnewnewtreatypony.jpg?t=1337900356[/img]

Dear Princess Celestia,

Sometimes you find new friends where it is least expected. Whether one is a pony, a dragon, a dragon masquerading as a pony, or a pony pretending to be the cousin of a dragon, we can all set aside our differences, and share in a rich friendship that unites us.

This shared friendship is the uniting bond between the esteemed alliances of Argent and United Equestria. This path towards friendship had some speedbumps along the way, maybe a little more than usual because of the storied pony-dragon animosity. Dragons in Equestria are feared for being large vicious beasts and because of this there might be an urge for rainbow maned pegasi to kick or harass dragons across the lands of Equestria.

We have since reconciled our differences and have come to love each other, UE even invited Argent to Gummy’s afterparty. Walking through embers of this newly forged pact we bring to you with love and tolerance, The Crackle’s Cousin Accords.


1. Sovereignty
Argent and the United Equestria are both sovereign alliances. The dragon population of Argent agrees to respect the sovereignty of United Equestria by not terrifying the ponies with their gnashing teeth, sharp claws and fire breathing tendencies. In return United Equestria agrees to respect Argent's sovereignty by not stealing gems from their treasure hordes for use in the making of fashionable pony ensembles. Additionally, rainbow maned pegasi will be forbidden from kicking any dragon under the Argent banner.

2. Intelligence
If either signatory becomes aware of information that could be of benefit to the well-being of the other signatory, they are obliged to divulge it. Signatories shall share all reliable links to MLP:fim episodes. Argent’s Emperor will be the primary conduit for such exchanges.

3. Diplomatic Cooperation
In the event of a confrontation between a signatory and a third party, the co-signatory is strongly encouraged to assist in resolving the dispute in any way possible. Preferably by not resorting to banishing the third party to the Moon or setting fire to them.

4. Military Cooperation
In the event one signatory is engaged in conflict with an external party, the other signatory will be considered to have a valid casus belli to enter the conflict to the benefit of the engaged signatory. That is, um, if they don’t mind...

5. Friendship
The signatories retain the right to aid each other in times of peace and war, via methods including, but not limited to, military, financial, and diplomatic assistance. This article is magic.

6. Cancellation
In the event Argent and United Equestria reach a disagreement about who is the best pony (It’s totally Fluttershy), they must provide 47 hours advance notice of cancellation to the other, after which this treaty will then be considered null and void.

Your faithful students,
Argent and United Equestria

[b][u]For Argent[/u][/b]

Yosh (mgregory), Emperor
Foxchild (Keishii), Regent
Lowsten (James Spanier), Minister of Foreign Affairs
Otter (Aeternos Astramora), Minister of War
Iamthey, Minister of Internal Affairs

[b][u]For United Equestria[/u][/b]

Princess Regnant: Magicman657
Princess Consort: Chezik
Chancellor: HeroofTime55
Royal Advisors: Kitsune, HeroofTime55
Minister of Defense: Legatus Equus
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Corah Il Cappo

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I am so so so happy to see this here on the owf. Argent are fantastic people and I am honored to be allied to them. Together we shall ride the waves of awesomeness and Ponies and Dragons will rule the world.
\o UE
\o Argent
\o Foxchild and Yosh :wub:

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[quote name='Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz' timestamp='1337914022' post='2971878']
That's precisely what I was thinking.

It's a very intriguing foreign policy step - would anyone from Argent be willing to expand on how this treaty came about?
It was forged out of love and fire, of course!

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We fought with them in the last "war" with Sparta. They fought well and were actually pretty organized. Ever since we've maintained communication. There are a couple pony fans in our gov now and we've just grown closer as friends. That's pretty much how it came to be.

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[quote name='Max Power' timestamp='1337914242' post='2971883']
I imagine much butthurt will occur because of this.
If you mean people being up in arms over something very trivial, then yes.

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