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How do you make polls


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1. Click "Poll Options"

2. Then fill in the Title of the Poll.

3. Then, click "Poll Content"

4.Type the question.

5.Then click "Add poll choice," then type the answer.

6.Repeat step 5 for every answer choice you want.

Don't click the multiple choice button, unless you want members to be able to choose more than 1 question.

Hope that answered your question :)

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Here's another poll guide, compliments of unbiased.

How to make a poll:

Scroll down for a summery for thouse who cant read..




First, new poll.




Title, Ect.




Select "Single Poll"




Reinforcing for the slow learners.




Use the "Enter" key to add new questions.


Update: To start a new poll in an already made topic that previously did *not* have a poll, click the "Attach new poll" butten at the top right.

Ok, I have seen a *lot* of messed up polls lately..

I just wanted to make an FAQ, i'll add pics after school tommorow.

OK, so.. To make a poll, you click the "New Poll" option, as oppsed to the "new topic" option.

Next, select a question for your poll, along with a Topic Title and Description..

Next, you need to decided how many *choices* the person has in the poll..

The drop down bar is NOT deciding the amount of questions.. If you want them to be able to select one answer, you select the "Single Choice" poll..

If you post "Multi-Choice" it isnt the amount of questions, it is in fact how many they person can choose from..


Use "Single Choice" for a normal poll, "Multi-Choice" for a poll were more than one answer can be selected. To change the number of questions, hit "Enter" in the poll choices box.

Summery of the Summery (By Tradition)

Single Choice = 1 Answer per Person

Multi = 2 answers per Person.

Enter = New Question.

Compliments of lBurnsl

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