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An announcment from State of Unified Nations and The Last Republic

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[center][img]http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/5904/sunfortreaty.jpg[/img] [img]http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/5243/flagfortreaty.jpg[/img][/center]

[font="Times New Roman"][size="3"]Perhaps it is one of life's mysteries how friendships develop and emerge from the first stages of acquaintances to the exploration of shared interests and values to the understanding that friends will be there to support one another and provide for the common defense and internal growth of each other. Although the exact machinations involved are too ponderous to fully understand, finding and accepting friendship is a very real and important aspect of living a good life. With the help of friends, a great many things may be accomplished – giving each participant in friendship a chance to Rise and Shine.

The State of Unified Nations and The Last Republic are proud to announce a new era of friendship and cooperation and with the following document do hereby enter into an Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact.[/size][/font]

[quote][font="Arial"][size="7"]Rise and Shine[/size] [/font]

This Defense, Friendship and Cooperation Pact is between the alliances of the The Last Republic and the State of Unified Nations. It is enacted to enhance each alliance’s ability to promote their shared values of friendship, cooperation, stability and honor.

[b]Article I: Sovereignty[/b]
We agree to respect and not infringe upon each other’s sovereignty, and to acknowledge that each is a separate and honorable organization.

[b]Article II: Peace[/b]
No member of either alliance will declare war, conduct espionage or any act of aggression on the other. Neither alliance will aid an enemy with money, technology, military assistance or information. Each party agrees to work with the other to resolve any violations of this Article in a timely manner through private government channels in fairness and in good faith.

[b]Article III: Friendship[/b]
The shared values of SUN and The Last Republic are to form the basis of the interactions between their memberships. The members of both alliances are required to treat the members of the other alliance with the highest standards of civility and respect. Neither alliance will publicly denounce, disruptively criticize, or seek to undermine the other. Each alliance will promote honorable behavior, constructive consideration and the happiness of all members of both alliances. Problems between members will be addressed by cooperative discussion and collective action of each government.

[b]Article IV: Intelligence[/b]
The signatories agree to share intelligence and information which is relevant to the security of either alliance. Each party agrees not to gain intelligence from espionage against the other.

[b]Article V: Optional Defense[/b]
The Last Republic and the State of Unified Nations, by signing this treaty, do declare that they intend to share in common defense and come to the other’s aid if either is attacked, although for each alliance this is optional and up for discussion. In order to protect the sanctity of our shared values of honor, respect, fidelity and trust, each is permitted to step forward to protect the other with or without formal request and without additional demands or guarantees.

[b]Article VI: Optional Aggression[/b]
Each alliance is encouraged to faithfully discuss and seek consensus with the other in the event preemptive aggressive action is considered. Either alliance retains the right to declare themselves a neutral party in any war arising from aggressive action by the other. However, this neutrality does not supersede the prohibitions of Article II of this treaty in that neither alliance may attack, spy or damage or defame the other, and neither alliance may aid or provide any succor to the enemy of the other during the course of war.

[b]Article VII: Dissolution[/b]
Either party may propose dissolution of this agreement by private contact with the other alliance’s leadership. The agreement will remain in effect for 72 hours following the final request for cancellation.

[size="4"]Signed for the State of Unified Nations,[/size]
King James II, Emperor
Fen Dorbek, Minister of Economics
CybernationFreak, Minister of Internal Affairs
Prime Minister Ulrek, Minister of Defense
Der Dritte Reich, Minister of Recruitment

[size="4"]Signed for The Last Republic,[/size]
sojourner, President and Secretary of Foreign Affairs
StockHunter, Secretary of Internal Affairs
Brataslavia, Secretary of Development
Bernhard Klein, General of the Republican Guard[/quote]

[size="7"]Anima de aquila![/size]

[size="7"]For Honor, For Glory, For SUN![/size]

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there has been good news all this week on the forum and this is no exception. congratulations to my friends at SUN and TLR. i've met some incredible people in the last month and i'm happy to be able to include you guys in that. Fen is an amazing person with real qualities and same could be said for sojourner!!


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